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Art exhibition “Team Lab Kanazawa Castle Light Festival” at Ishikawa / Kanazawa Castle Park, “Animals walking on stone walls” drawn by flowers – Japan NEWS


The teamLab art exhibition “TeamLab Kanazawa Castle Light Festival” will be held from September 30th (Sat) to November 26th (Sun), 2023 at Kanazawa Castle Park in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Ishikawa Kanazawa Castle Park to be a “light art space”

teamLab 《Animals living with flowers (provisional)》 © teamLab ※ Image image

“teamLab Kanazawa Castle Light Festival” is set in Ishikawa Prefecture’s Kanazawa Castle Park, which is a symbol of Kaga Hyakumangoku. This is a special exhibition where you can enjoy a variety of digital art.

Marching animals formed by flowers

teamLab 《Animals living with flowers (provisional)》 © teamLab ※ Image image

The highlight of the exhibition is a work of colorful animals made of flowers walking along the stone walls of Gojukken Nagaya, one of the largest wooden castle buildings in Japan built after the Meiji era. space. By using non-physical digital technology, the animals of “flowers” that continue to repeat birth and death are expressed without physically changing the symbol of Kanazawa Castle Park.

Spheres that glow in response to people and nature

teamLab 《Self-reliant yet responsive forest of life》 ©teamLab ※Reference image
teamLab 《Self-reliant yet responsive forest of life》 ©teamLab ※Reference image

In addition, multiple works are planned to be exhibited in the park, such as a work that continues to write a powerful “enso” on a stone wall, and an egg-shaped “ovoid” that changes brightness in response to the behavior of people and nature.


teamLab Kanazawa Castle Light Festival
Period: September 30th (Sat)-November 26th (Sun), 2023
Hours: 8:00-21:30 (Last admission 20:45)
Location: Kanazawa Castle Park
Address: 1-1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

teamLab 《Self-reliant yet responsive forest of life》 ©teamLab ※Reference image

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