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Komei Ishii “Tokyo’s trust relationship has fallen to the ground” Tokyo 28 Wards | NHK Political Magazine


In the LDP-Komeito party’s candidate coordination for the next House of Representatives election, the Komeito gave up supporting the “Tokyo 28 wards”, which is the focus, and recommended the LDP candidate in Tokyo. I decided not to do so and informed the Liberal Democratic Party. On the other hand, the Liberal Democratic Party showed an idea to take it back and consider it.

In the morning of May 25, the New Komeito held a standing board meeting and decided on the party’s policy regarding how to deal with Tokyo, which will have five constituencies as the number of single-seat constituencies in the House of Representatives election increases by 10 and decreases by 10. .

According to that, the Liberal Democratic Party has said that it is “unacceptable” to support candidates for the “28 wards of Tokyo”, which is the focus, so it will be abandoned.

In addition, based on the fact that some members of the Liberal Democratic Party’s metropolitan government have indicated their intention not to cooperate in the appointment of incumbent lawmakers to the “Tokyo 29 Wards”, which has already been announced, they will dissolve the cooperative relationship in Tokyo.

in particular,
▽ “Tokyo 29 wards” does not seek the recommendation of the Liberal Democratic Party,
▽ In other Tokyo electoral districts, it is said that they will not recommend candidates for the Liberal Democratic Party,
▽ Do not cooperate in various elections in Tokyo, such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election the year after next,
▽ It is a policy to dissolve the cooperative relationship in the metropolitan assembly.

After that, Secretary-General Ishii held a meeting with LDP Secretary-General Motegi in the Diet, and pointed out that “it can be said that the relationship of trust between the LDP and Komeito in Tokyo has fallen to the ground through the discussions so far,” and conveyed the policy that was decided. rice field.

On top of that, Mr. Ishii said that this case is limited to Tokyo, and that he does not intend to spread it to other regions, and that he does not intend to affect the coalition government of the Liberal Democratic Party and Komei.

Mr. Motegi indicated that he would like to bring back the policy of Komeito and consider it, and it was decided to meet again.

LDP and Komeito Electoral District Adjustments

Both the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party are adjusting the constituencies in line with the “10 increase by 10” single-seat constituency that will be applied from the next House of Representatives election.

Komeito has been actively fielding new candidates in urban areas where the number of single-seat constituencies is increasing as the number of votes in proportional representation in national elections continues to decline.

Specifically, out of the five capitals and prefectures subject to the “10 increase”, in Saitama and Aichi, which will increase the electoral districts by one each, incumbent members elected by proportional representation will be supported in the electoral districts. announced a policy to

In addition, Tokyo, which has five electoral districts, has announced that it will newly field incumbents in the “Tokyo 29 wards,” and this month it will also field candidates in the “Tokyo 28 wards,” which consist of the eastern part of Nerima Ward. We have officially communicated our intentions to the Liberal Democratic Party.

At that time, Komeito urged the Liberal Democratic Party to accept it, saying, “If we cannot get cooperation with the “Tokyo 28 wards,” there is a possibility that election cooperation in Tokyo will be scrapped.

Against this, within the LDP, there was a strong opposition, saying, “It is strange that the LDP will be affected by the decrease in electoral districts due to the increase of 10, but it is strange to give too many electoral districts to the New Komeito.”

Based on this situation, the Liberal Democratic Party told Komeito on the 23rd that Saitama and Aichi, as well as “Tokyo 29 wards”, will be adjusted positively, although local organizations are opposed, while “Tokyo 28 wards” I told him that the Tokyo Metropolitan Federation had already decided on a candidate and that it would not be accepted.

However, assuming that Komeito’s intention to back up a second person in Tokyo will be respected to the greatest extent possible, I asked if it would be possible to coordinate the backing up in the “12 wards of Tokyo” consisting of Kita Ward and the “15 wards of Tokyo” consisting of Koto Ward. bottom.

On the other hand, Komeito showed an idea to take it back and consider it.

Komei Secretary-General Ishii “The party’s final policy”

Komeito’s secretary-general Ishii told reporters after the meeting, “In the process of consultation, we intend to respond sincerely. Komeito’s non-cooperation in the election is limited to the Tokyo metropolitan area, and others. We do not intend to spill over into the region, nor do we think it will affect the coalition as a whole.”

Ishii also said, “Secretary-General Motegi said that he would like to take it back and consider it, but since it is the final policy of the party, I said that we would not change the policy even if he brought it back and proposed a plan. ‘ said.

Prime Minister Kishida “Instructed to respond politely”

Prime Minister Kishida told reporters at the Prime Minister’s official residence, “The secretary-generals of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party and the election campaign chairmen are making necessary adjustments. I have instructed them to respond politely,” he said. He added, “The Kishida administration would like to deal with important issues that cannot be postponed one by one, based on the foundation of the solid coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito.”

Liberal Democratic Party member Nagashima “It is unnatural to think that it will not spread nationwide”

Akihisa Nagashima, a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, who is planning to run from the new “Tokyo 30 wards” consisting of Fuchu City and others, said, “We have no choice but to watch the progress of the consultation. We are on the cutting board, so the conditions given I will do my best in the fight,” he said.
On top of that, he said, “Tokyo has a high weight in terms of the number of constituencies and is also the capital, so it feels unnatural to think that what happened in Tokyo will not spread to the whole country.”

Liberal Democratic Party Wakamiya, former Minister of Expo “It’s a tough story”

Former Expo Minister Wakamiya of the Liberal Democratic Party, who is planning to run from the new “5 wards of Tokyo” consisting of the eastern part of Setagaya Ward, told reporters at the party’s headquarters, “It’s a pretty tough story. Fighting without Komeito’s recommendation. If the candidate cannot be coordinated with Komeito, it will not lead to a dissolution and a general election, as people say. ‘ said.

Liberal Democratic Party Hirasawa Former Reconstruction Minister “It is important to prepare”

Former Reconstruction Minister Hirasawa of the Liberal Democratic Party, who plans to run from the new “Tokyo 17 wards” consisting of Katsushika Ward and has not received a recommendation from Komeito so far, told reporters in Tokyo, “I’m ready to win no matter how tough it is. It’s important to do this on a regular basis.The Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito are working together in various ways, so there are no particular problems.”

LDP Representative Ishihara “I want to continue to get along”

Hirotaka Ishihara, a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, who is planning to run from the new “Tokyo 3 wards” consisting of Shinagawa Ward and others, told reporters in Tokyo, “I have worked hard together with Komeito, so from now on. I want to get along with them, and I want them to get together.”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno “The Kishida administration was established on the basis of the LDP-Komeito coalition.”

At a press conference in the afternoon, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, “There is no change in the fact that the Kishida administration is built on the solid coalition foundation of the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party, and we will continue to do our utmost to address various policy issues while coordinating with both parties. I want to continue.”

LDP general affairs chairman Endo “I want you to continue to discuss”

At a meeting of the Tanigaki Group, LDP general manager Endo said, “For more than 20 years, the LDP and Komeito have been involved in various activities together, and in the end, we have agreed to cooperate in elections after talking to each other. Even if the situation is not going well, we will continue to discuss under the secretary-general and the chairman of the election campaign committee, and we have been in power together for many years, so I would like you to work hard.”

LDP Deputy Secretary-General Inoue “If we can talk directly”

Liberal Democratic Party Deputy Secretary-General Inoue, who is planning to run from the “Tokyo 25 wards” consisting of Ome City and other cities, told reporters in Tokyo, “I only heard about it in the media, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Federation is directly with the Komeito side. I hope we can talk about it. I don’t think the two parties have agreed in the end, so we need to continue discussions and reach a good conclusion.”

Ritsumin Azumi National Affairs Committee Chairman “The ruling party is a mess”

At a party meeting, Azumi, chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan’s Diet Affairs Committee, said, “The ruling party is in a mess, and if things continue like this, it’s so serious that it might lead to the modern Onin War. It is very important for our party, which is a single party, to unite and get through the sparks.”

Ishin Baba representative “frequent bargaining”

Baba, the representative of the Japan Restoration Party, said at a party meeting, “In relation to elections, there are movements between major political parties, and bargaining is frequently taking place. It’s a battle to see how many votes you can accumulate, rather than a fight.I want to do my best on the battlefield.”

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