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[Harry Potter]65 Recommended Goods of Toshimaen Ruins “Studio Tour Tokyo”! List of all headband types | MORE


Entertainment facility “Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – Making of Harry Potter” will be born on the site of the amusement park “Toshimaen” in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. While various information has been released before the opening on June 16, 2023, a preview for the media was held a step ahead.

Writer Yano, who was among the first to check the state of the facility, introduces local photos and highlights. This time, we will deliver the goods section and recommended goods from the site!

What is “Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter”?

“Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – Making of Harry Potter” (hereinafter referred to as “Studio Tour Tokyo”)The sets, actual costumes, props, etc. of famous scenes that appear in the movie series “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” are on display.A walk-through type facility. It is the second facility in the world after London.

No playground equipment or attractionsyou can walk around and enjoy the amazing sets created by the creators of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

The size of the entire facility is about two times the size of Tokyo Dome. It’s not a mistake to say that it takes a whole day to thoroughly see all the areas, experience them, and have tea and meals.

Where is the goods store? How many places are there?

Toshimaen Ruins, Harry Potter Goods Shop

Partial interior of the Studio Tour shop

In “Studio Tour Tokyo”The world’s largest Harry Potter shop“Studio Tour Shop”and a small“Railway Shop,2 goods sales floorsthere is.You cannot enter any of the shops without a ticket.

The main “Studio Tour Shop” is located right next to the lobby and features 14 themed sections made up of over 7,000 custom-made and specially-sourced props. There are so many items and the inside of the store is so fun that you should set aside at least an hour just for shopping.

Because you can take a closer look before and after the set tour,Purchase headbands and other items to wear before the tour, and purchase souvenirs such as sweets and stationery after the tour.We recommend the flow!

Recommended goods at the “Studio Tour Shop” with the world’s largest collection of Harry Potter goods

Part of the world's largest Harry Potter shop, the Studio Tour Shop

Part of the world’s largest Harry Potter shop, the Studio Tour Shop

First,Recommended goods at the main “Studio Tour Shop”pick up. We will mainly introduce Japan-only items that can only be purchased at “Studio Tour Tokyo”.

“Studio Tour Tokyo” Limited Items

Cap (white/black) ¥3200 each

Harry Potter Goods, Cap

A stylish cap with a gold logo. It’s cute even if you decorate it with a pin badge that will be introduced later.

Mug (white/black) ¥1600 each

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods
Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

A mug with a matte texture and a profound feeling. It holds a lot.

Tumbler ¥3000

[Harry Potter]Toshimaen trace

A tumbler with a glossy finish that gives it a luxurious feel. The gold on the cap and logo shines against the matte black.

Travel mug ¥2400

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

A travel mug that seems to be active in the outdoor scene. She has a cute round form like an egg.

Folding umbrella ¥3200

Harry Potter Toshimaen

Folding umbrella with high fashion. Check out what it looks like when it opens!

Umbrella ¥3200

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

A normal type umbrella is also available. Rainy days are going to be a little more fun.

Notebook set ¥1200

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

A set of 3 notebooks with different colors and designs. It is a feeling of size that is just right for carrying around.

Sticker ¥700

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

You can put it on your smartphone or PC, or just decorate it. There are various stickers that can be used.

Black & gold pin ¥800

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

A pin badge that you want to use by attaching it to a cap, robe, necktie, etc. It gives off a rich atmosphere.

Pin badge set ¥ 1200

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

Characters and pin badges of marks that have important meanings in the work are also available!

Key ring ¥1200

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

An item that allows you to carry your house and car keys all in one place. Even if you attach it to your bag.

Magnet ¥600 each

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

I want to buy pop and colorful magnets with my friends!

Magnet 3 pack ¥ 1200

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods

In another design, there is also a type that has become a set of three.

Goffret ¥900 for 6 pieces, ¥1900 for 16 pieces

Harry Potter Goods, Toshimaen

(Left) 16 pieces (Right) 6 pieces

A confection made by sandwiching dough between iron plates with uneven patterns and baking them.

Fantastic Beast Candy ¥1400

Harry Potter Goods, Toshimaen

It comes in a can with a stylish illustration. Souvenirs will also be appreciated!

Long T-shirts, T-shirts, and hoodies have a lineup of various designs!

Fashion items that you want to wear right away are also fulfilling. Various designs are available. There are many other cute designs besides the “Studio Tour Tokyo” limited edition, so be sure to check them out!

Harry Potter Toshimaen Limited Goods Shop

Long T-shirt (XS-L) ¥6500

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods Ron T

Long T that can be used in unisex.

T-shirt (XS-L) ¥3000

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods, T-shirts

Short sleeves perfect for summer. White is especially recommended for women! I seem to play an active part in the coordinates that I shined in.

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods, Hogwarts Express T-shirt

There is also a T-shirt printed with the Hogwarts Express. The back is very cute.

I will show you all kinds of headbands!

Hogwarts uniforms such as robes that can be customized with names, ribbons, ties, hair ties, etc. are available in the coloring of each dormitory. There are plenty of goods to wear, such as adding to the items you have on hand, arranging the whole body coordination from top to bottom. In particular, headbands with motifs such as magical animals are a hot item!

Harry Potter Toshimaen Goods Section, Katyusha

House Fairy, Dobby’s Headband ¥2200

[Harry Potter]Toshimaen trace

Yano was the first to jump on Dobby’s headband, whose charm point is its big ears. A little surreal and charming!

Ron Harry Hermione headband ¥2200

harry potter headband

When you think of Harry Potter, these three people come to mind. They are lined up side by side.

Harry’s pet white owl Hedwig headband ¥2200

Hedwig headband

You can even put fluffy Hedwig on your head! It feels very nice to the touch.

Slytherin Snake Headband ¥2200

Harry Potter Headband, Snake, Toshimaen Goods

A snake headband that is the symbol of Slytherin and plays an important role in the “Harry Potter” series. The point is the protruding tongue.

Gryffindor Lion Headband ¥2200

Harry Potter, Gryffindor Lion Headband

Gryffindor symbol lion headband. It looks like Zuu, a magical animal that first appeared in the movie “Fantastic Beasts and the Birth of the Black Wizard”.

Ravenclaw Eagle headband ¥2200

Harry Potter Headband, Ravenclaw Eagle Headband

Ravenclaw’s symbol, an eagle headband. It looks like a magical animal Occamy or Dillicor. If you think about it this way, the “blue bird” appears in the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” series.

Hufflepuff badger headband ¥2200

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Badger Headband

Hufflepuff badger headband too. The figure that is holding on to the headband is cute!

Magical Animal Pygmy Puff Headband ¥2200

Harry Potter magical animal pygmy puff headband

A miniature version of the Puff Skein, realistically representing a pygmy puff that looks like a fluffy pink or purple ball. Once you wear it, let’s squeak with a high-pitched sound (laughs).

Sorting Hat ¥4600

Harry Potter goods, sorting hat

The Sorting Hat is also available! Feel like a freshman.

You can also buy goods sold at London Studio Tour and Mahoudokoro!

In addition to “Studio Tour Tokyo” limited items, there are also items sold at Studio Tour in London and Harry Potter’s official goods shop “Mahoudokoro”. From pretty items to anime-inspired items reminiscent of Japanese culture, the lineup includes a wide variety of genres, types, and items.

Hagrid stuffed toy ¥4900

Harry Potter Merchandise, Hagrid Plushies

This is the one that stood out on the shelf where stuffed animals of various characters were lined up! Hagrid with a punch.

Niffler stuffed toy ¥2600

Harry Potter goods, stuffed Niffler

Niffler is the main and mascot character in the “Fantastic Beasts” series. Look at their eyes and decide which one to bring home!

Hedwig stuffed toy ¥4200

Harry Potter goods, stuffed Hedwig.Toshimaen

Hedwig stuffed toy with round eyes. Be careful not to stain it because it is pure white!

Dobby stuffed toy ¥4200

Harry Potter goods, Dobby stuffed animals.

One article of the topic in SNS. Choose your favorite.

Butterbeer badge (left) ¥800 (right) ¥1200

Harry Potter merchandise, Butterbeer badges

A Butterbeer pin badge that you want to attach to your bag or cap. The large size makes it stand out.

Ravenclaw hair ornament pin badge ¥ 1000

Harry Potter goods, Ravenclaw hair ornament pin badge.Toshimaen

A beautiful transparent blue necklace. Ravenclaw’s hair ornament was one of Voldemort’s spirit boxes, so you may need to be careful not to get angry when wearing it!?

Love potion pin badge ¥ 1000

Harry Potter goods, love potion pin badge.Toshimaen

A love potion pin badge. The pink and heart design will inspire you ♡

Slider charm set ¥3200

Harry Potter goods, slider charm set

There are many ways to use charms, such as matching them with watches, bracelets, and chains to create necklaces. All 4 types are cute and catchy ♡

Luna Lovegood Charm ¥1000

Harry Potter Goods

“Mera Mera Glasses” worn by Luna Lovegood is a charm.

Dobby Charm ¥1000

Harry Potter Goods Dobby Charm, Toshimaen

Actually (?) the popular Dobby charm is silver and chic.

Time turner necklace ¥ 2600

Harry Potter goods, time turner necklace.Toshimaen

A reversing clock on a necklace. You can always time travel!

Earrings \2000

Harry Potter goods, earrings.Toshimaen

Various items for earrings. It’s also stylish that it’s in a bottle!

Sword of Gryffindor ¥30000

Harry Potter Goods, Sword of Gryffindor.Toshimaen

A shining silver sword made of steel forged by goblins. Multiple stones that shine red like rubies are inlaid.

Firebolt Broom ¥45000

Harry Potter goods,

It is the fastest broomstick in the world and was used by multiple national teams at the Quidditch World Cup.

Luna Lovegood Tote Bag ¥1000

Harry Potter Goods, Luna Lovegood Tote Bag

Luna’s tote bag, a girl who helps Harry and fights bravely, also known as “Mystery-chan”.

Dobby’s tote bag ¥1000

Harry Potter goods, Dobby's tote bag.Toshimaen

There is also a tote bag with a cool silhouette of Dobby snapping his fingers.

Memo pad 3 types set ¥ 800

Harry Potter goods, memo pad 3 types set.Toshimaen

A memo pad with a pop taste. It’s a set of 3, so you can give it to your friends.

Notebook for each dormitory ¥2600

Harry Potter goods, various notebooks by dormitory

Each dormitory’s notebook may be necessary for admission preparation. You can also put your name on it, and it has a luxurious design.

Pen 2 types set ¥ 1000

Harry Potter goods, 2 types of pen set.Toshimaen

A pen with a cute round shape. The symbols of the 4 dormitories are drawn cutely.

Dolores Umbridge Tea Cup & Saucer 3 Piece Set ¥13000

Harry Potter Goods, Dolores Umbridge Tea Cup & Saucer 3 Piece Set

Umbridge tea cup and saucer with an elegant atmosphere. The home cafe seems to be fulfilling!

Luna Lovegood Makeup Pouch ¥2500

Harry Potter goods, Luna Lovegood makeup pouch.Toshimaen

A makeup pouch with plenty of gusset. Recommended as a travel companion.

Honeydukes knit hat and muffler ¥4000 each

Harry Potter goods, Honey Dukes knit hats and mufflers

The motif of the candy shop “Honey Dukes”, which has a pop taste and many fans. I want to wear both a knit hat and a muffler!

Love potion (candy) ¥1000

Harry Potter goods, love potion (candy)

A candy of the magic medicine “Love Potion” that has the effect of making someone love you when you mix it with food or drink and give it to someone you like. I am attracted to the lovely design.

Recommended goods of “Railway Shop”

Harry Potter (Toshimaen trace) goods section.railway shop

Appearance of railway shop

The Railway Shop offers a wide variety of items related to Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express.There are also items that can only be purchased at this sales floor that are not sold at the “Studio Tour Shop”.

[Studio Tour Tokyo Limited]Hogwarts Express Tin Badge ¥350

Harry Potter goods Hogwarts express can badge.Japan limited

A can badge of Hogwarts Express that can only be purchased here in Japan.

Hogwarts Express plush toy ¥5000

Harry Potter goods Hogwarts express stuffed toy.Toshimaen

Hogwarts Express stuffed animals that you want to decorate your room or hold in your hand.

Acceptance letter cushion ¥4000

Harry Potter Goods Acceptance Letter Cushion.Toshimaen
Harry Potter Goods Acceptance Letter Cushion.Toshimaen

A cushion of an acceptance letter sent to those who have been admitted to Hogwarts.

Acceptance letter tote bag ¥2000

Harry Potter Goods Acceptance Letter tote bag.Toshimaen

The Acceptance Letter tote bag is horizontally long!

Hogwarts Express Sweatshirt ¥9500

Harry Potter Goods Hogwarts Express Sweatshirts
Hogwarts Express sweatshirt.harry potter goods

A sweatshirt printed with the Hogwarts Express. It’s cute even if you wear it with your partner!

Socks 3 types set ¥ 2000

Harry Potter Goods and Socks Set of 3

A set of 3 pairs of fashionable socks that can be used everyday. Think about what kind of coordination you want to make!

Clock on line 9 and 3/4 ¥4000

Harry Potter Goods Clock on Lines 9 and 3/4

A watch with the 9 and 3/4 line logo. Fashionable ◎. A fashionable item.

Hogwarts Express Pin Badge ¥1200

Harry Potter Goods Hogwarts Express Pin Badge

A design that pays attention to details, such as the gold border and the Hogwarts logo.

Hogwarts Express Logo Pin Badge ¥1000

Harry Potter Goods Hogwarts Express Logo Pin Badge

A logo pin badge that you want to wear with the “Hogwarts Express Pin Badge”.

Acceptance letter notebook ¥3000

Harry Potter Merchandise Acceptance Letter Notebook

Also the acceptance letter notes. Feeling like an honor student!

Pass case ¥1600

Harry Potter Goods/Pass Case

Now that there are more occasions to go on trips, we also have pass cases that are useful.

Purse 3 types set ¥ 2200

Harry Potter Goods/Drawstring Purse Set of 3 Types

A drawstring bag that can be used for anything. I am glad that it is a set of three!

Oven gloves ¥ 2900

Harry Potter Goods/Oven Gloves

Cooking time feels like Harry Potter♪

Mug ¥1800

Harry Potter Goods and Mugs

A mug cup featuring the Hogwarts Express drawn with a cute touch.

In commemoration of the paid exclusive shopper!

The bag for the purchased goods isA dedicated paper shopper is available for 50 yen per large and smallIt has been. It’s a paper bag, but it’s waterproof. The design is also elaborate, so there is no doubt that it will be a souvenir ♪

Harry Potter goods, paid shoppers

What is the accounting method?

You can pay with cash, credit card, electronic money, etc.

MORE WEB is continuously updating information about Harry Potter’s new facility “Studio Tour Tokyo”. Keep checking!

‘Wizarding World’ and all related names, characters and indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. – Wizarding World publishing rights © JK Rowling.
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

“Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter” Official Site

*The listed products and prices are subject to change. Please check the latest information locally, on the manufacturer’s website, or on the official website.

The article is in Japanese

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