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[Match results]2023.9.17 11th TOHOKU CUP 2023 Semi-finals


Thank you for your continued support for Aomori Watts.
It was held on Sunday, September 17th.Koriyama City/Kaneda Construction Supporting Match 11th TOHOKU CUP 2023 in FUKUSHIMAWe would like to inform you of the results of the semi-final match “Akita Northern Happinets vs. Aomori Watts”.

Match results

Sunday, September 17, 2023 18:00 TIP OFF
@ Horaiya Koriyama General Gymnasium
Akita Northern Happinets vs. Aomori Watts

1Q 29-18
2Q 17-20
3Q 18-10
4Q 20-22
TOTAL 84-70


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■Post-match comments from head coach Junpei Takahara

In last year’s match, he was able to hold out, but this year he was unable to hold on and struggled with his highly accurate shots. There are about three weeks until the start of the season, so I want to make sure to make adjustments. I think there was a huge difference in shot accuracy, so I want to make sure to make adjustments.

[Q. What are the harvest and challenges]
It became a game where we could correct what we were doing with a common sense. The issue was clearly identified.

[Q. I think you were talking about improving shot accuracy.]
Against Akita’s strong defense and pressure, I think our poor shot selection showed up, as we dribbled instead of hitting the shots where we could. I would like to continue to talk to the players and improve.

[Q. About Aouda’s work]
I wanted him to make more free throws. I’ve been practicing that for a long time, so I think it would be perfect if I could do it.

■Keisuke Aida’s post-match comments

It was a good experience to experience the strength of B1. I want to be able to connect that to the next step.

[Q.Toward the opening day]
I want to communicate more and more and confirm what we want to do on offense and defense one by one. Iwate has been promoted from B3 and I think they have a lot of momentum, but I hope everyone has the energy to bounce back from that.

■Patrick Aouda’s post-match comments

It was a good match and a tough match. I think Akita is the most aggressive team in the B League, so it was a good experience for me to experience that.

[Q. How was the cheering for the Aomori boosters?]
I wasn’t expecting so many Aomori boosters to come, so I was very surprised. I heard a lot of cheering while I was playing and it gave me energy. I would be very happy if they would give us the same enthusiastic support this season. I would like to express my gratitude to all the boosters who supported us today. thank you very much!

■About upcoming matches

Due to the results of the semi-finals,We will play against them in the 3rd place deciding match.
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