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Anti-nuclear power + climate change prevention Let’s raise our voices for our future Event at Yoyogi Park: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web


The event “My Future – Aiming for 100% renewable energy and a fair society” was held at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on the 18th, calling for the realization of a world that does not rely on nuclear power or fossil fuels. The anti-nuclear rally, which had been held at the park until last fall, has been expanded to include efforts to prevent climate change. After the event, there was a parade around the park, with a total of 8,000 participants.

People parading with messages of climate change and phasing out nuclear power in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 18th.

◆“The government has thrown away its promise”

Co-sponsored by three organizations, including “Goodbye Nuclear Power Plant Action for 10 Million People.” In addition to live music promoting environmental protection, there were food stalls selling vegan food and booths where you could make your own placards, all designed to create an atmosphere where young people could easily participate.

“Watashi no Mirai” participants march in front of Shibuya Station holding messages about climate change countermeasures

On the talk show, report writer Kei Kamata touched on the release of treated water into the ocean from the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, saying, “The government has thrown away the Fukushima Prefectural Fisheries Federation’s promise not to dispose of it until they understand better. “Being ridiculed is the reward for not asserting our opposition. We must once again create a culture in which we speak out.” Ayako Kawasaki of “Fridays For Future Tokyo,” one of the co-sponsor organizations that calls for the climate crisis, said, “Just like the nuclear power plant accident, an increasing number of people around the world are being forced to flee their homes due to climate disasters. “I want this to be a movement that brings together the voices of many different people, without being limited by this.”

Kei Kamata speaks against nuclear power at a talk event for “My Future”

Kei Kamata speaks against nuclear power at a talk event for “My Future”

The parade will be held in two parts, from the park to Shibuya and Harajuku. In front of the station, where young people were passing by, they chanted things like “We don’t need nuclear power plants” and “100% renewable energy.” (Ryo Harada)

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