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A 91-year-old man came to apologize after his dog was hit and killed while walking with a 6-year-old girl, saying, “I’m glad it wasn’t my child.” The family continues to regret it | Tokai TV NEWS


A 6-year-old girl and her dog were hit and killed by a car at a crosswalk in Midori Ward, Nagoya. On September 14th, the 91-year-old man who was driving the car went to the owner’s family to apologize.

A girl raises her left hand as she crosses the crosswalk with her dog.

The next moment, a car crashes into me.

[Watch video]A 91-year-old man came to apologize after his dog was hit and died while walking with a 6-year-old girl. “I’m glad it wasn’t my child.” The family continues to express their regret.

In July 2023, a 6-year-old girl and her dog, a Pomeranian, were hit by a car at a traffic light intersection in Hirate Kita, Midori Ward, Nagoya City.

The girl was not injured, but her dog Asahi, who was hit by the car, later died.

After the accident, a letter written by the girl’s older sister to Asahi was left quietly in the cage at home.

“Asahi, I won’t forget you even if I go to Tengoku.I like walking around and I love how stubborn Asahi is.”

Since the car that hit Asahi left the scene, his family has been at the scene of the accident every day, asking for information.

Police later identified the driver of the car as a 91-year-old man from surrounding security cameras. The suspect is suspected of violating the Road Traffic Act by not reporting an accident, and plans are to voluntarily interrogate him and submit documents to the prosecutor’s office soon.

On September 14th, the driver suddenly came to visit the family.

Girl’s grandfather:
“You don’t even remember the accident?”

Male (91):
“I don’t remember. Just drive absentmindedly.”

The man explained that he “doesn’t remember” what happened at the time of the accident.

Male (91):
“(The car) has an automatic brake. It stops when it gets close to something. I think it didn’t stop because the dog was low in the end.”

The girl’s grandfather advises the man.

Girl’s grandfather:
“If I made one mistake, my grandson might have been the victim. Do you understand?”

Male (91):
“I’m glad it’s not a girl.”

Girl’s grandfather:
“No, I’m not glad. The dog I always loved suddenly disappeared. You don’t understand the sadness, do you?”

A family hurt by losing their beloved dog in an accident, and a man who says he doesn’t remember the accident. A month and a half after the accident, the girl still cannot walk by herself at the scene of the accident, and the man told her, “I want her to return to her old smile.”

Male (91):
“I hope (the girl) can get her old smile back by the time she enters elementary school. I’m sorry.”

The girl just silently shed tears as the man apologized.

The man then promised the owner’s family that he would return the driver’s license and left the scene.

Girl’s mother:
“(My daughter) said, “I felt sorry for the grandfather and Asahi.” It’s an indescribable feeling. Although I could tell that I was sorry for making the child feel scared. “I’m glad it wasn’t your child.” I was like, ‘Wow,’ but I lost my family, so it’s not good for me. Asahi’s death is truly regrettable.”

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