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With the opening of Loop Route 2, the journey from Tameike Intersection to Toyosu Market will be shortened to 11 minutes – Impress Watch


Loop Line No. 2 (December 18, 2022 Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

On the 15th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced the effects of the opening of the approximately 1.4km Tsukiji Toranomon Tunnel section from Tsukiji 5-chome to Shinbashi 4-chome, Minato-ku, on the Loop Line 2, which is scheduled to open in December 2022. . The travel time from Tameike intersection to Toyosu market-mae intersection was reduced by about 20 minutes, from about 31 minutes to about 11 minutes, showing great results.

The approximately 1.4 km stretch from Tsukiji 5-chome in Chuo Ward to Shinbashi 4-chome in Minato Ward opened in December 2022. From Tsukiji Ohashi Bridge, enter the underground tunnel from the former Tsukiji Market site and connect to the vicinity of Shinbashi Station. Approximately 25,000 vehicles pass through the main line tunnel each day, and the time required to travel between the Tameike intersection and the Toyosu Market-mae intersection has been significantly shortened.

  • Tameike intersection → Toyosu Market intersection: Approximately 11 minutes (previously approximately 31 minutes)
  • Toyosu Market Intersection → Tameike Intersection: Approximately 12 minutes (previously approximately 29 minutes)

Additionally, traffic volume on Harumi Dori, which runs parallel to the road, has decreased by approximately 20%, easing congestion.

Tsukiji Toranomon Tunnel/Tsukiji side entrance/exit (Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

Local residents have praised the system for shortening arrival times and improving punctuality to destinations, and buses have also been able to operate more smoothly due to reduced traffic congestion.


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