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[High school]Toshin’s Nagasaki Saku is V for the first time in two seasons. Ranking for participation in prefectural tournament determined September 18: nines WEB


September 18, 2023 18:42
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149th Autumn Hokushinetsu District High School Baseball Prefectural Tournament District Qualifying Tournament

The final match between Saku Chosei and Komoro Sho was held at Toshin, where the schedule was rescheduled due to rain, and Chosei came back from the dead and won, winning for the first time in two seasons. With this, Toshin’s 1st to 6th place has been confirmed.

◇Toshin (Prefectural Ueda)
Sakuchosei001530100 10
Komoro Commercial 003000500 8
Sa) Fujimoto, Kato, Kanemoto, Shirai-Oda
Small) Tsuchiya, Takeda, Tokairin, Yoda-Yui
3 = Koyama (Sa)
2 = Tamura 2, Kanai (elementary)

↓ Starting lineup

↓ Chosei Nine wins and sings the school song

① Sakuchosei ② Komoro Commercial ③ Ueda West ④ Ueda East ⑤ Ueda ⑥ Iwamurata

The lottery for the prefectural tournament will be held on the 19th. It will be held at three venues in Tohoku Shin from the 23rd.

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