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[Alexandros]Yohei Kawakami talks about the new era suspense thriller “NOPE” by Jordan Peele[Movie series: Popcorn, buttery lot PART 2]| SPICE – Entertainment specialized information media Spice

Known as a big movie buff[Alexandros]Vocals & Guitar Yohei Kawakami’s movie series “Popcorn, Butter Lots PART2”. This time, we will talk about the new era suspense thriller “NOPE” directed by Jordan Peele, known for “Get Out” and “Us”.


――How was “NOPE”?

No, it was already a masterpiece! A favorite among favorites! Director Jordan loved both “Get Out” and “Us”, so of course I was looking forward to it, but this work jumped to the top of Jordan’s work in my mind.

── Oh. Like the previous two works, there are parts that deal with racism, but the direction is very different.

I agree. Compared to the past, the smell of preaching seems to be suppressed. There is also a feeling that it is a bit tiring to raise a problem. But this time I was able to concentrate on the story development.

――Certainly, up until now, there has been a lot of pressure to “think about it!”

Yes Yes. Ultimately, it was easy to see. This time, the biggest theme in entertainment was the viewer/be seen, wasn’t it? Even though such issues were raised, I was very pleased with the fact that the theme itself was universal and accessible to everyone.

――There were certainly things that were thought to grow and grow.

And above all, I really liked the atmosphere that could be called intellectual science fiction. I was a little surprised that Jordan would make a movie like this. If you like philosophical sci-fi like “Contact”, “Message” or “The Day the Earth Stood Still” remade starring Keanu Reeves, I think you’ll love it. The rest is splendor of how to draw a mysterious existence. I also liked the feeling of not portraying him as a very secular alien. Personally, I think this kind of point is a good crossroads in science fiction movies. How far can aliens be separated from the concept of the form of earthlings. It seems to overturn even the concept of limbs and heads. There may not even be an act of breathing. This time, it may have been more about UFOs, but… I won’t say any more because it’s going to be a spoiler. Also, I often see the impression that it was “Eva-like”.

――The mysterious object was in the form of an apostle.

It looks like so. Also the sound was interesting. Perhaps because eye gaze is the key word, it was novel and eerie to hear a “pash” sound like the sound of a camera shutter coming from the object. Since it was shot with an IMAX camera, it should be seen in IMAX, but actually, I wasn’t able to see it in IMAX, and the moment it finished, I thought, “Let’s see this in IMAX again.”

――The cinematographer is Hoyte van Hoytema, who also shot “TENET” and “Dunkirk”.

The name you want to say!

――(Laughs) There was a lot of meaning in this person taking pictures.

I really think so. It was a heavy image. Even without IMAX, it’s a movie you’ll want to see again. become a habit. I’m thrilled.

From “NOPE”

■ From the title, it can be captured in various ways

I recommended to the band members and staff that they “must see it”.

— Huh.

A few years ago, on a tour flight, the members asked me, “What movie do you recommend?” say it. After that, after landing, I was told something like “It was really good! Thank you!” But he asked me, “What kind of movie is it?” I said, “It’s sci-fi, but it’s also suspenseful and horror…” and he said, “What the hell… that doesn’t sound interesting.”


I thought, “I’m not good at explaining…” No, I feel sorry for the distribution company.

–But it’s certainly difficult to explain.

Isn’t it! I think this is quite difficult. If you are not good at it, it will immediately lead to spoilers. It’s hard to categorize by genre. But it’s a good place. By the way, I think the title “NOPE” has a nuance of “it’s not right” or “impossible”. In fact, OJ, the main character of “NOPE”, was also used. According to the director’s own explanation, it seems that the title is the reaction of people around him when he sees a horror movie. You can take the nuance of “It’s not scary at all” or the nuance of “No, it’s impossible, it’s too scary.” It may be ironic or a joke, but it can be interpreted in many ways.

――The way it ended was like, “Which one is it?”

hey. Consideration calls for consideration. The most mysterious thing was the scene where the shoes with blood were standing. It was so strange that I looked at various research sites (laughs), but to be honest, none of them felt right.

Q: In an interview with The New York Times, the director said, “I get asked the most questions about the shoe scene, but I don’t feel like giving a definite answer, at least for now. But from the character’s point of view, This scene depicts the moment when the character’s psychology dissociates and the switch is turned on.”

really! I’d like to wait for it to be revealed someday.

――You can imagine it at this point. There are various theories as to why Jupe, who was a child actor, survived when a chimpanzee attacked a person. There is also a theory that it was because the line of sight was diverted from the chimpanzee.

Jupe is an Asian, and monkey is a discriminatory term for Asians, so I wondered if they felt sympathy and didn’t attack. So far, Jordan Peele has portrayed discrimination against blacks, who himself is a party, but I wonder if this time he will also depict discrimination against Asians? I thought. There is an homage to Eva that I mentioned earlier, and there was also an homage to “AKIRA”, so I got the impression that there are various Asian elements.


From “NOPE”


Even so, I really liked Steven Yuan who appeared in “Minari” who played Jupe. From being a child actor, he became the owner of a freak show hut, so he was a character with the implication of being someone who changed from the viewer to the shower. This implication was the theme of the film itself.

–It’s called a reversal of positions.

Also, a comedian’s job is to make people laugh, but it makes me wonder if he’s hurt by that.

――It can be the hardest thing to make people laugh.

For me too, the part where everyone laughs the most during live MCs is when I’m a little self-deprecating. When someone who used to be so cool suddenly talks about their failures, they burst into laughter. That’s what I’m trying to do, so I’m aware that I’m making them laugh, and the audience feels at ease and laughs. But when you think about it, people say, “It’s terrible to laugh at someone’s failure,” don’t they? Even if the person himself is good, the person watching is uncomfortable. I think it’s difficult. Comedians make a living out of it, so maybe they’re a bit mentally ill? When. It also leads to making someone a joke.

――Because some people get hurt by laughter that demeans others.

For example, there are people who say “What are you doing!” If you don’t get hit, you won’t get a job, and if you don’t get laughed at, you won’t get a job. If someone calls me ‘poor’ about taking a hot bath, I won’t be able to show off my art.

――It’s about how to give a good reaction.

So there is a lot of truth in comedy. I really like the skits of Tokyo 03, and while they have the cuteness of humans, they often have themes of ugliness and ugliness. There are quite a few times when I’m laughing and looking at it while thinking, “This applies to me, too.”

――You get jerked.

yes. There is human sadness and ugliness in laughter. Comedian Jordan Peele’s work is very poisonous and graphic, but there are also some funny parts.

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