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“Tokimeki is the nutrition of life” “It’s neither too late nor too early for “challenge” A movie that stuck in my heart (Totsuka Otoha) | Gadget Communication GetNews

Hello everyone! This is Totsuka Oto.
It’s a little late, but happy new year. This year, I want to be myself and have fun taking one step at a time! We look forward to working with you this year.

Well, this is the second time. I was thinking about what to write about during the New Year holidays. (It’s a happy problem)
I have various hobbies such as games, manga, anime, and reading, but I also love watching movies. Of course I like watching movies at home, but I also like watching movies at the cinema. When I was an idol, I didn’t have much time, and even if I could watch a movie at a movie theater, I would only watch a few movies a year. . I’m the type of person who is drawn to the world of the movie I saw that day, so from the day I say, “I’m the happiest person in the world, let’s eat something delicious!” Thanks to you, I’m sending a more sparkling
This time, I’d like to introduce you to a movie I’ve seen recently that left a lasting impression on me.

The work I introduce this time is“Mrs Harris Goes to Paris”am.

London’s housekeeper Harris, fascinated by Christian Dior’s dress, heads to Paris! No matter how old she is, Harris never gives up on her dreams, and her adventures involve the people around her and create wonderful miracles. With the full cooperation of Christian Dior, Leslie, who was nominated for an Oscar for “Phantom Thread,” plays the main character Harris of this work, which is woven with plenty of exciting scenes, including a fashion show at the Maison that reproduced the design of the time with the full cooperation of Christian Dior. Manville. Isabelle Huppert of Elle ELLE plays the role of the manager who works at Dior. Actresses representing Britain and France co-starred, and fresh faces such as Lucas Bravo, who came into the spotlight with Netflix’s “Emily Goes to Paris”, were also present. It was released in the midst of summer blockbusters in the United States, and although it was released in less than 1,000 theaters, it ranked in the top 10 for two consecutive weeks. Even one month after its release on Rotten Tomatoes, the US movie review site, it received more than 90% support from both critics and the audience. The appearance of Harris evokes a warm impression. (* Excerpt from the official website)

Anyway, the main character, Harris, is powerful, charming, and the best, and the costumes and interior are so cute that it makes my heart beat. “I want to see every detail, so I have to watch it again…!”

The synopsis has a fairy tale feel (although there are serious parts such as social issues), but the wonderful Dior collection and dresses are just as pure as Harris, and the story is enough to enjoy with your eyes. I felt that I was not taking it too seriously. The sense of balance around it is also very comfortable, and after watching it, it’s a warm work that naturally makes you look forward and say, “I’ll do my best like Harris! Tomorrow I’ll go out in my favorite clothes!”

This time, I would like to introduce two points that left an impression on me after watching this movie.
There are no spoilers related to the main plot of the work, so please read with confidence. If you are even a little bit scared, please take a look at the work!

Let’s start with the first.
“Tokimeki is nourishment for life”

The reason why Harris decided to go to Paris this time was because he happened to be charmed by a Dior dress at the house of a lady he was helping. The depiction of the first time Harris meets her dress looks exaggerated enough to make you want to say, “Is this a shoujo manga?!” I have loved cute things since I was little, and I still remember the first time I wore the dress my parents bought me for my first piano recital. The feeling that her heart is grabbed and her heart beats fast. I have the power to do anything. It reminded me of how I felt at that time. Tokimeki is a mysterious thing that motivates us to work hard in life. Harris takes her crush on the dress to her heart, and she makes her big bucks to fulfill her dream of going all the way to Paris to buy a dress. On the contrary, the people of Dior get involved and start moving to change the company itself.

Dior’s haute couture dresses, clothes of the Parisiennes of the time, tableware and interior decorations are a storm of excitement from beginning to end. In particular, I would like everyone to be thrilled with the “enchanted” dress that Harris was fascinated with at the beginning… I saw a lot of cute and beautiful things, and I’ll do my best from tomorrow! There is no doubt that you think.

And the second.
That age doesn’t matter when it comes to trying

This is what I cherish in my daily life. This time, Harris will push forward towards his dream with vitality that does not make you feel that even though he is not young. Of course, I made mistakes, but I couldn’t help but applaud as if I was trying to solve problems in a charming and powerful way. Before I knew it, I had become one of the Harris fans who sent me a reminder, “Go for it!”smile

My mother, who is probably close in age to Harris, who went to see it with me, said, “I think I’ll do my best, too.” You only live once, so it would be nice if you could challenge yourself to do what you want when you want. My theory is that there is no such thing as too late or too early.
After graduating from university, I got a job, quit working and became an idol for about 7 years, and graduated. It’s full. Although my age is not disclosed, I once again felt that I want to be a person who can give courage to many people like Harris.

“Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” Now Available Nationwide [リンク]
(C) 2022 Universal Studios

Well, how was it?
Be sure to check out this wonderful work that you can appreciate from beginning to end with a warm feeling! I want to watch a lot of movies in 2023 and fill my heart with them, so I will continue to pursue my hobbies every day so that I can write a movie column again. looking forward to!
Finally, here is my photo

This is Paddington at the movie theater.

My mother asked me to take a picture with her, so I took two shots that didn’t make any sense.

It’s a new year’s day with a fresh outfit.

Thank you for your continued support this year!

Well, it’s been a long time, but thank you for reading to the end! See you next time!

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(Author: Totsuka Otoha)

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