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Commentary on the movie “Shin Kamen Rider” with spoilers For better or worse, an independent movie with a lot of money. – Monkey movie recommendations

Shin Kamen Rider

  • Shin Kamen Rider

I was very addicted to Shin Ultraman when I was a child, so I had a lot of excitement including the expectations before the release, but this time I will appreciate “Shin Kamen RiderAs for “, I’m looking forward to it, but I don’t have that much enthusiasm.

I’ve watched all the episodes of V3, I’m from the Kamen Rider BLACK generation, I played Famicom software at the time, and I had a rider belt.

Even after I became a Heisei rider, I watched 555 (Faiz) every week without fail, so I’m not a niwaka at all. (I might get angry from Gachifan w)

I’m in the middle of watching the TV broadcast and getting excited, so when I write my impressions, I want to pour out a certain amount of love.

However, this time as well, information other than the expected cast and trailer is shut out.

I think that surprises are probably prepared, but you want to know the contents as soon as possible.

So, I watched it at the fastest screening! !

Work information

shin godzilla”, “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”, and “Shin Ultraman”

And a creator who continues to pursue the hero who was obsessed with his childhood and the hero he created himself.Hideaki Annobut,Rebooted after about 50 years, the hero “Kamen Rider” who fights for justice while being modified by an evil organization.

Shotaro IshinomoriThe original “Kamen Rider” has a comic version in parallel with the TV broadcast that mainly focuses on the fun of judging good and punishing the children in the living room.

The original comic, which has a higher target age than TV, is based on a serious depiction, and the fear that humans are no longer human, and the grief of riders who fight as modified humans are depicted without concealment.

From Anno’s comment, “I started this project because I wanted to repay the great benefits I received from the TV program 50 years ago in the form of a movie 50 years later.” It is expected that the elements of both comic versions were incorporated and created as a story to be conveyed to the present age.

SHFiguarts Kamen Rider (Shin Kamen Rider) about 145mm PVC & ABS & cloth painted movable figure

For the role of Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider starring,just remembered” and “Miyamoto kara Kimi e”, Sosuke Ikematsu, who has an exceptional presence in small-scale movies, has been selected.

Attention should be paid to his enthusiastic performance, which has rarely appeared in major works in his career so far.

In addition, the role of Ruriko Midorikawa, the heroine, has continued to be remarkably active since “I want to eat your pancreas”.Minami Hamabe.

While acting together with Hongo, he fascinates with his acting that puts adults to shame with a cool and mysterious expression that makes it impossible to read his true feelings.

In addition, the role of Rider 2 / Hayato Ichimonji, “Haken Anime”, “Two Craters”Tasuku EmotoAs a member of the secret society “SHOCKER”, he played the role of senior member Hachiorg “love is light“ofNanase Nishino“Shin Godzilla” in the role of Bat OrgToru Tezukais selected.

In addition, Ruriko Midorikawa’s father, Dr. Hiroshi Midorikawa, of “Shin Godzilla”Shinya Tsukamotohis older brother Ichiro Midorikawa as “dog king‘, ‘We all couldn’t grow up’Future Moriyamaare played respectively.

Takara Tomy

In addition, this work should also pay attention to the whole picture of the evil organization “SHOCKER”, which has the meaning of aiming for the happiness of humankind through technology.

How will senior combatants, whose physical abilities have been enhanced through a technique called “augmentation” that combines the abilities of humans and other creatures, attack Kamen Riders and Ruriko?

In addition, “True peace is not in this world”, which is currently serialized in Weekly Young Jump, is a spin-off work that reveals the whole inside of Shocker through the appearance of Dr. Midorikawa’s son Ichiro, who appears in the main story, when he was a boy.

Please read it before watching this work.

Solitary. trust. Inheritance.

things that change. Things that don’t change. And things you don’t want to change.

What kind of story did Anno create from these words, which are the catch copy of this work?

Calbee Shin Kamen Rider Chips 22g x 24 bags


Everyone has despair, and each person has their own way of overcoming it.

That’s why you shouldn’t lean towards shocker-like ideas.

…But at first I was trembling, but as a drama, it must have been the worst…

Spoilers below.

Rough synopsis

One motorcycle (Cyclone No. 1) runs side by side.

Takeshi Hongo and Ruriko Midorikawa are in tandem.

The two were being chased by two large trucks.

Chasing is the non-human fusion type Augment Spider Org.

The subordinates mimic the riot police and protect Ruriko.

Hongo, who has transformed into a grasshopper org, defeats the combatants in an instant with his amazing fighting power and succeeds in rescuing Ruriko.

The two hid themselves in a safehouse in the mountains, and Hongo was horrified by his completely changed and inhuman appearance.

Ruriko’s father, Hiromu Midorikawa (Shinya Tsukamoto), appears there and tells the story of how Hongo was remodeled.

He upgraded Hongo as the masterpiece of an insect synthetic augmentation project.

According to the doctor, he chose Hongo in order to entrust the future of prana, which is the source of Hongo’s own life force, to his original form by forcibly releasing the prana remaining in his body and energy converter.

The organization was using the prana for the individual ego, not for the benefit of mankind.

While puzzled, Hongo understands the doctor’s ideas and decides to help him plan to overthrow the organization.

Hongo, who has been entrusted with a red muffler by Ruriko, runs the Cyclone after chasing the Spider-Oug who kidnapped Ruriko again.

Hongo receives the wind all over his body while straddling the motorcycle, and receives a large amount of prana into the converter rung on his chest, transforming into a grasshopper org.

Calling himself a Kamen Rider, he fights to the death against Spider Org.

SHOCKER’s founder was a millionaire in Japan who planned and financed the creation of the world’s best artificial intelligence, Eye.

One year after Ai produced Jay, an independent artificial intelligence for observing the outside world, he produced an upgraded version of Kei.

The founder committed suicide by giving Ai and Kei the ultimate command to lead humanity to happiness.

After calculating, Ai finds that the greatest happiness is not the happiness of mankind, but that the action model that rescues people who are in the deepest despair is the greatest happiness that mankind should aim for.

The organization for that purpose is SHOCKER.

Dr. Midorikawa and Ruriko have left SHOCKER with Ruriko’s older brother, Ichiro (Mirai Moriyama).

He calculated that Ruriko would bring Hongo and was preparing the second Grasshopper Org, Hayato Ichimonji.

Hongo and Ruriko return to the safehouse after defeating Spider-Oug.

In return for providing information and protection, Hongo signs a contract to help destroy SHOCKER.

Ruriko feels fear and anxiety about Hongo transforming into Grasshopper Org, and goes alone to Komoriorg, a subjective biochemical researcher.

Hongo, who had his father killed in front of him, wanted to be strong, but when he finally got his hands on the power, he felt hesitant and conflicted, but decided to follow Ruriko.

Bat Org is a senior combatant with the ability to kill humans with Bat Viruses.

Hongo makes full use of the cyclone industry to confront Bat Org.

A man from the government and a man from an intelligence agency succeeded in eliminating Scorpion Org (Masami Nagasawa), who uses highly toxic chemical weapons without the help of Hongo and the others.

The next opponent is Hachiorg. She aimed to reconstruct and implement a controlled system of efficient slavery.

Her old codename was Hiromi, and she was Ruriko’s closest friend.

Such Hachiorg urges them to return to the organization, but refuses.

Members brainwashed by Hachiorg attack there.

Hongo, who doesn’t want to fight, temporarily retreats with Ruriko and sleeps outdoors.

Ruriko opens her laptop and overwrites the program, while Hongo prepares with familiar hands.

In fact, she is said to be a biocomputer born from the organization’s artificial womb.

I installed the data I typed into my brain from my eyes and prepared for a reunion with my brother Ichiro.

Ruriko then explains to the hungry Hongo.

The prana system developed by Dr. Midorikawa is a device that can absorb the prana of other life that is compressed into the atmosphere and convert it into its own bioenergy. was.

Therefore, even if a person who wants to live a long life without eating anything wears this prana system, it will end up scrambled for life energy and war will break out.

That’s why Dr. Midorikawa stopped developing it, says Ruriko.

Before we knew it, Hongo and the others were surrounded by members who had been brainwashed by Hachiorg.

Hongo urges Ruriko to infiltrate the organization in order to destroy the server.

Ruriko confronts Hachiorg on the roof of the hideout, and Hongo wants to rush to her, but it is impossible to go up to the roof with the Cyclone.

Therefore, Kamen Rider falls from the sky at high speed and lands in the hideout.

It was to confront Hachiorg.

… is half of the synopsis.

First, rough impressions

The story of the destruction of the organization by “Kamen Rider” and his partner Ruriko, who were born through augmentation surgery at “SHOCKER”, an organization aiming for the happiness of mankind, is nostalgic with Hideaki Anno’s unique look and commitment, and respect for the original and TV version. It was a work of “Shin” that coexisted with newness, but it was a work that gradually lacked interest, with too many patchy cuts, looking at the camera, and poor drama production.

From the TV version, the remodeled humans who appeared in the early stages from the first episode become enemies, and from the original version, the appearance of Shocker Rider based on “13 Kamen Riders” and brainwashed Hayato Ichimonji are used.

It was announced in advance that Spider Org would appear, and from the tribute to “Episode 1” I felt in the trailer, this work was expected to be the beginning of the TV version, but suddenly escaped. The purity of starting from the scene.

Spider-Org (CV: Nao Omori) was also revolutionary with the idea that when you open the zipper of the jacket in Spider-Org, you can see four limbs.

And above all, the first thing that surprised me was the vivid depiction of vomiting blood when the combatants were made full bokko.

The scene of hitting and the scene of being trampled on are captured with close-up shots, and the cruelty of blood splattering.

That’s it! The Kamen Rider we want to see is a merciless battle scene that makes you feel the overwhelming power of the rider!

It was a moment when I was convinced that this would definitely become my favorite movie (but it was revised down an hour later lol).

Although I was surprised by the graphic depiction of the action scenes, when it came to the conversation scenes, Anno’s peculiar picture-story show unfolded.

By arranging scientific words anyway, there must have been a series of people who didn’t understand what they were saying in response to the spell-like dialogue that they wanted to see over and over again.

I didn’t know anything either, so I bought a pamphlet lol (read the synopsis lol)

In other words, Rider’s structure is affected by the wind and becomes Nambo’s body. Nkore! ? And Dr. Midorikawa showed his incompetence that he noticed after the completion of the project, and escaped with Hongo! That was the flow.

The good thing about this work is that the prana system makes Hongo’s hands and face look ugly.

Even in the original version of “Kamen Rider THE FIRST”, which was conscious of the original version, there was a side effect that the pattern appeared on the face, but this is also used in this work, so it is said to be a horror again.

And it was a mechanism that could return to human form by forcibly releasing prana.

In fact, if you don’t use this prana system skillfully in terms of action, you won’t be able to fight on an equal footing with senior combatants, so you’ll use a lot of aerial battles and run around in the Cyclone. I was fighting as a battle.

But really~ I’m glad there were a lot of moments in the beginning where all the cool parts of Kamen Rider were on board~.

That’s the special move, the Rider Kick, from such a high place! ! Moreover, the blue sky shines in the rider’s color!

It seems that he was aiming for a speedy thing that cuts a lot of cuts even in aerial battles and unleashes a single move. It was w

Especially from around Hachiorg, the number of night battle scenes increases at once, and you can continue to show this “I don’t know what you’re doing” action endlessly.

In the first place, I’ve only drawn Shin Ultraman and giant unknown creatures in Shin Godzilla so far, so honestly it wasn’t necessary to have a sense of speed.

But this time, it’s life-size, and it’s a fight between people who have undergone remodeling surgery, so I suddenly thought that they wanted to differentiate themselves in some way.

Still? Shocker rider in the second half = mass-occurrence type total mutation grasshopper org (Yakoshi) and dark tunnel bike chase, it’s hard to see and I don’t know what’s going on because I’m sticking to symmetry even though it’s completely CG bare 3 In a row, I’m in trouble.

Also, I don’t want to make excuses like the budget is not enough or the production period is short, but I think it can’t be helped if it can’t be helped.

Speaking of new things, it’s the battle with Hayato Ichimonji, who is No. 2.

A succession of punches, kicks, and jumps in the sky over the industrial area, as if you were trying to play Dragon Ball.

I don’t know about Heisei riders or anything like the early days, so maybe it’s already existing, but I thought that kind of rider action was new.

While running on thick pipes and running around on gas tanks, they sometimes collide and attack each other.

I like this kind of thing, yes.

Acting or Eva

After all, it was also a work that felt director Anno on the other side of the screen that it was Evangelion in general.

Takeshi Hongo had a painful past in which he tried to persuade the culprit whose parents were police officers and held him hostage, but he was brutally killed, and Hongo himself saw it in front of him.

In addition to his inherent kindness, Hongo, who wished to be as strong as his father, took this death as an opportunity to become even stronger, and decided to participate in the Augmentation Project.

As a result, I will show the weakness of being frightened and trembling because I cannot control it and even take my life.

Even so, he stands up to protect Ruriko and to destroy the organization that has the ridiculous idea of ​​realizing the happiness of mankind.

Takeshi Hongo, who shows a ruthless human side, looks like a character image that is somewhat reminiscent of Shinji Ikari.

It’s exactly like riding an Eva to complete the “don’t run away” within yourself and decide to eliminate the Augments together with Ruriko! development

Moreover, Ruriko, who at first glance seems to be pushing away from Hongo, has the attitude of admitting that he is worthy of being a Rider precisely because he is kind in his heart.

Moreover, she’s an android with an electronic calculator made out of an artificial womb, which is very typical of Anno.

It was a story of “trust” of two people who showed off such a role.

However, this time, from the lineup of Sosuke Ikematsu and Tasuku Emoto, who are acting actors who are very active in low-budget movies, and Minami Hamabe from Toho Cinderella, I think it will be quite interesting from a theatrical point of view. I expected it.

In the early stages, Ikematsu-kun’s usual polite way of speaking with restrained emotions was very well expressed as a conflict with his fighting attitude.

That’s why I trembled a little bit.

As for Tasuku Emoto, he’s a brainwashed augment, so at first it was a mechanical expression of emotion, and it was really nice to hear the lines of his work.

Minami Hamabe was okay, not bad, or rather, she spoke long lines with difficult words without using strange accents, so it was okay.

However, their performance gradually becomes unnatural.

I’m sure it’s a request from director Anno, but everyone doesn’t overact.

That’s exactly what Hongo is, a hybrid good guy who has both strength and kindness. Such a guy should be able to express his despair, frustration and anger more by losing the person with whom he has deepened his bond.

A cold emotional expression that doesn’t show it at all.

In addition to that, the drama elements are ruined because of the picture-story show cuts and the play looking at the camera in the whole story.

I don’t know what to say, I think it was a work that could get even hotter depending on the direction, but somehow because of this usual cut split, the expression and the expression that seems to have forgotten something from the previous cut can only be seen as a play I mean.

You can cut a lot, but please don’t cut your emotions…


There are so many things I want to say, but let’s stop here.

Yutaka Takenouchi played the role of the government man, and Takumi Saito played the role of the man of the intelligence agency.

I’ll be appearing until the end, so this is really a “Shin Japan Hero Universe”! ? My name is Tachibana and I’m Taki. ! ! and.

In addition, Masami Nagasawa appears in the role of Scorpion Org, and Tori Matsuzaka does the voice of Kei, who reminds me of Robot Detective K, which is also gorgeous this time.

Where was Toru Nakamura?

Well, after all, it’s something like Kei to appear, so it’s said that Yangjan’s special serialization has a lot of elements.

If you’re going to do that, you should have included Kikaider.

Well, wouldn’t the fans have been overjoyed if Ichiro had become Inazuman instead of Chouorg? and.

The visuals were modern and had a lot to do with it.

It’s a new No. 2 (helmet 1 & 2), which doesn’t mean inheritance. It has other meanings, too.

Are you thinking of making a sequel?

So please raise your level.

If you remove one line from the word ‘happiness’, it becomes painful, and if you add one line to the word ‘spicy’, you become happy.

Why are contrasting words so similar in kanji?

It was “Shin Kamen Rider” that such words like Mr. Kinpachi were impressive.

That’s it! What a prank! !


The article is in Japanese

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