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“Barashi Fight” A battle over the right to participate in the launch… Is it really something you really want to participate in in the first place? | Keiichiro Yanagishita’s Massacre Movie News


September 18, 2023 17:28

Category: Murder movie review

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“Barashi Fight”

Director/Screenplay: Yutaka Kainuma
Director of photography Yoshikatsu Yazaki
Action director Shane Kosugi
Starring Yuta Ozawa, Raiga Terasaka, Saki Hamao, Natsumi Ishizaki, Kansuke Asano, Erika Tonooka, Saburo Ishikura, Kazuyuki Asano, Hatsunori Hasegawa

Barashi is the process of clearing the stage after a performance. There, a battle between the stage staff was unfolding without anyone knowing. The right to participate in the launch after the performance is at stake in that battle = “Barashi Fight”!

What is that? If I don’t do that, can I not participate in the launch? After all, do you really want to participate in a launch? The main character is a stage director who is struggling to see the point in participating in the launch… No, he wants to stop doing such nonsense and go have a drink alone at Shibunya and go home.

Chiakigaku, chaired by Koji Babada (Hasegawa Hatsunori). Arino (Saki Hamao), a part-time worker in the production department, is excited about the first launch, but the leader of the production department, stage director Tomogawa (Yuta Ozawa), seems blank for some reason.

“The production department won’t be at the launch today!”

The young people looked dissatisfied when Tomoekawa announced this. But then, Bukou (Kansuke Asano) from the production department makes an announcement.

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