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The producer of “Drops of God” praises Tomohisa Yamashita’s “perfection”! | Movie collection


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Tomohisa Yamashita stars in the international drama series “Shizuku of God/Drops of GodAn interview with Klaus Zimmermann, the producer who served as executive producer of “Film”, has become a hot topic.Also, KoreanTikTokerA column introducing Kim Kelly’s fashion and makeup, and an article about the violent action film “Skinford: Sentence of Execution” also attracted attention.

“Drops of God” producer talks about the behind-the-scenes story of the work and the charm of Tomohisa Yamashita

“Shizuku of God” starring Tomohisa YamashitaDrops of God”.9Month15From dayHuluThis work, which began distribution in Japan, has received high praise overseas, where distribution has started first. In this interview, producer Klaus Zimmermann, who served as executive producer, talked about the behind-the-scenes process leading up to the production and Yamashita’s charm.

This work also takes on the bold challenge of replacing Issei’s rival, the original’s main character Shizuku Kamisaki, with a French woman. Regarding this, Zimmerman says, “Although the number of women has increased considerably recently, the world of wine has traditionally been a male-dominated society.2among people1A personcomplete outsiderI thought it might be a good idea to do that,” he says, looking back at the time.

He also said that Yamashita’s casting was decided through an audition, and praised his work, saying, “I think he’s probably the best actor of his generation in Japan.” He also talks about an episode that shows how perfect he is, so be sure to check it out.

・An international producer who is impressed with Tomohisa Yamashita’s professionalism: “I have nothing but good things to say about him.”

Check out the fashion of TikToker Kim Kelly, who also wears quirky outfits!

“Asian Beauty” is a column written by a former hair and makeup beauty writer who picks out attractive Asian beauties as fashion icons and influencers. This time,TikTok(@kellykimkim7)’s dance videos are popular and approx.570Korean with millions of followersTikToker(TikToker) focuses on and introduces Kim Kelly.

From Kim Kelly's Instagram (kellykimkim7)

From Kim Kelly’s Instagram (kellykimkim7)

all”DOLCE & GABBANAIn the bust-up selfie coordinated with items from “1One1Although she has a strong statement, she shows a well-balanced style.In addition, the photo that shows off her pink-greige hair color has a clear sense of transparency that makes it look like2The fragility and beauty of a dimensional character. “DIESELPlease also pay attention to the shot where she shows off her beautiful body while wearing underwear.

・Fashionable panties, quirky coordination, and beautiful makeup! TikTokerFocus on Kim Kelly

What is the true identity of the immortal woman who appeared in a hopeless situation? “Skinford: Sentence of Execution” preview

It has been decided that “Skinford: Sentence of Execution”, a violent action movie depicting revenge by an immortal Amazon, will be released in theaters. This article introduces radical poster visuals and previews.

Get rid of those people who buy people! The immortal Amazon has arrived!Trailer of the movie “Skinford: Sentence of Execution”

This work is full of unprecedented shocks from Australia.VFXaction fantasy. The preview begins with a scene of half-naked women being held in a prison.

They are victims of human trafficking and have had bombs surgically implanted in their bodies so that they cannot escape. One of the women bravely escapes, but is killed in the explosion. Then the scene changes, and Zofia, a woman who is said to never die, crawls out of the dirt. Who the hell is she? This trailer makes me very curious about what will happen next.

・Women are loaded half-naked into trucks like livestock, and those who escape are killed in the explosion… What is the true identity of the “immortal woman” who appears in a hopeless situation?

・[Video]Get rid of the people buying people! The immortal Amazon has arrived!Trailer of the movie “Skinford: Sentence of Execution”

The article is in Japanese

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