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Namie Amuro’s songs will be removed from her music subscription, and her YouTube videos will also be made private –

Namie Amuro’s songs will be removed from her music subscription, and her YouTube videos will also be made private –
Namie Amuro’s songs will be removed from her music subscription, and her YouTube videos will also be made private –

former singerNamie Amuro‘s songs are no longer available for viewing on various subscription services.

As of November 16th, only a few songs are available for viewing on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., including songs featuring Namie Amuro and songs included in compilation albums.

A diva who symbolizes the Heisei era – What’s in Namie Amuro’s songs?

Namie Amuro made her debut as an artist when she was a teenager as a member of the dance group SUPER MONKEY’S, which was formed within the Okinawa Actors School. She made her solo debut in 1995, and her first single sold 700,000 copies and her first album sold a million copies.

At the time, she was the youngest female solo singer to participate in the national singing program “Kohaku Uta Gassen.” Imitating Namie Amuro’s fashion style, especially among young women.amler boom‘ has become a social phenomenon.

After that, she continued to work as a “symbolizing diva of the Heisei era,” and in September 2017, she announced her retirement immediately after successfully holding a performance in Okinawa to mark the 25th anniversary of her debut. She retired from the entertainment industry the following year in September 2018.

Namie Amuro’s videos are now private from YouTube

As I was writing this article, I checked and found that in addition to Spotify and Apple Music, videos related to Namie Amuro have also been hidden from YouTube.

The cause is currently unknown. KAI-YOU is rushing to confirm with avex. Editorial Department


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