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From NCT 127 to NMIXX, the first lineup of the new music program “MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909” has been released! – Kstyle

From NCT 127 to NMIXX, the first lineup of the new music program “MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909” has been released! – Kstyle
From NCT 127 to NMIXX, the first lineup of the new music program “MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909” has been released! – Kstyle

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The lineup of “MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909” has been released.

JTBC’s new music program ‘MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909’, which will start broadcasting in Korea on September 24th, presents music that fans can trust and enjoy, and creates a space that will be a dream stage for artists. aim. It is no exaggeration to say that K-POP artists, who are now at the center of the world’s music market, will be spotlighted and showcase their differentiated performances.

On the 6th, JTBC became a hot topic when releasing the teaser contents of the first lineup through SNS including the official Instagram. Amid rising expectations, the first artists to kick off the new K-pop music world on the 8th were revealed.

First, NCT 127, a group representing K-POP that has secured a large number of fans around the world, will appear. They are making a comeback with their 4th full-length album ‘2Baddies’ on the 16th, and are expected to show a special stage in addition to the title song of the same name. Also, CRUSH with a sweet appealing singing voice will make a comeback. Attention is focused on the special music that he makes us listen to.

NMIXX, who is creating a boom as a 4th generation girl group, will also appear. NMIXX, who will make a comeback with their 2nd single “ENTWURF” on the 19th, will perform on stage with a live band.

In addition, the global collaboration stage will also be released. “Solo Queen” IOI former member Kim Chungha and “Pop Prince” Christopher’s collaboration stage will be shown for the first time on TV. The topical collaboration single “Bad Boy” will be released on the global collaboration stage of “MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909”.

‘MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909’ is a new music program that has never been seen before, featuring the limitless expandability of advanced K-POP by JTBC, the ‘master of music variety’. You can see a stage that surpasses K-POP, which has caused a boom all over the world, in the living room. K-POP, which leads the world with ‘visual music’ completed with visual concept and performance, through recorded songs released for the first time, special collaboration stages, and documentary videos that capture the diverse music world of artists. Show extension.

“K-POP Empress” BoA will serve as MC and walk together on a new path for K-POP. Also, expectations are high for NMIXX’s Haewon, the ‘K-POP professor’ and ‘K-POP assistant’ who are still shrouded in veil. JTBC ‘MUSIC UNIVERSE K-909’ will start broadcasting at 4:40 pm on the 24th in Korea.

Original article delivery date: 13:16 on September 08, 2022
Reporter: Kim Myung Mi

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