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[Interview]BAND-MAID completes EP “Unleash” full of “likeness” and “newness” | BARKS

EP beyond EP. “Unleash” released by BAND-MAID on September 21st is just that kind of album. If you think that the EP format is like a single with a lot of songs, or a mini-album, you’re wrong. The density of this work, which includes all eight songs, is comparable to a so-called full album.

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If I dare say it, it is reminiscent of the analog board LP of the past, and although some already released songs are included, each of these songs also has a strong reason for being here. The band recently completed their first live performance with an audience in Japan, and this interview took place on a certain day in August when they were preparing for it. It is. Let’s deliver the whole story uncut.

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■ It is a piece that you will not get tired of enjoying various expressions

──First of all, please tell us about the overall feeling of what kind of work you feel.

KANAMI (G): This time, I personally think that we have a collection of songs that make us feel “new”. We may be saying the same thing every time something comes out, but I think it’s an EP that has a BAND-MAID feel to it, but also shows a new side of us.

SAIKI (Vo): I agree with you about that. From here on, I want to say that I want to start the second chapter of my world domination, and I think that in many ways it’s suitable for that, and it’s an EP that can meet everyone’s expectations. I wonder if it’s tan.

Miku Kobato (G, Vo): That’s right, po. As the title “Unleash” suggests, it means “liberation” po, and I think we have a collection of songs that are perfect for that po. After all, it’s just a song that unleashes such things as the corona crisis, and there’s not a single gentle song (laughs). It’s been a long time since I’ve gathered only this intense songs, and I think it’s literally a work that feels like “Liberation!” po.

──Now, if you release your feelings, you have no choice but to become violent, right?

Miku Kobato: That’s right, po! (smile)

AKANE (Dr): The first song is the first instrumental, and that’s one of the points I want to appeal first. From the instrumental to the end, all the songs have different tastes, or rather, they are the same in terms of being intense and exciting, but there are also technical things and things that you can listen to, so I think it’s a album that you can enjoy various expressions and you won’t get tired of it. increase.

MISA (B): This happens every time, but each song has a strong individuality. Also, the sound is aggressive, but for BAND-MAID it’s not “super fast!” for fast songs…

SAIKI: We didn’t recklessly update speed.

Miku Kobato: But if you think about it normally, fast is fast-po (laughs).

MISA: However, as BAND-MAID, it’s not extremely fast. That’s why there are many songs that you can play calmly. Also, I feel that the variety of songs has increased, or that the range has expanded.

──Like “Unseen World”, it’s “like” and “new”. And there are more and more weapons.

MISA: Yes, that’s right!

──“Unleash!!!!!” was released in advance from this EP, and the music video was groundbreaking as it combined with animation. The reaction was amazing!

Miku Kobato: Yes, po. What’s more, the reaction spread very quickly, po.

SAIKI: We received a lot of comments from the time we set the premiere…

Miku Kobato: We also noticed it in the comments, but in terms of a music video for a new song, it’s been about 10 months since “Sense” po. We didn’t feel like we had that much free time, so we were surprised, “Oh, it’s been so long!” po. There were limited acoustic singles and video works, so I didn’t feel like I hadn’t released a new song-po. But it was really the first time in a long time for our masters and princesses (as they are called by fans) that we had a new song, so I think they must have waited for us with great anticipation, po. Especially in my case, I was also doing cluppo, so it didn’t feel like it had been a while po.

AKANE: When I heard the story just now, I thought to myself, “It’s been so long!” (laughs).

KANAMI: So… Thank you for waiting!

──Last time at BARKS, Kobato-san, SAIKI-san, and KANAMI-san talked about “Unleash!!!!!” I heard the story, but it is also interesting that the accompanying video is animation.

SAIKI: That’s right. We never thought we would be able to do it. It’s just that we’ve been saying it all along. “I want to be an anime!” (laughs). Because their individuality has been established so much.

AKANE: Yes. You said it would be easy to become a character.

SAIKI: Of course, I was happy because it was drawn very nicely!

Miku Kobato: It’s really drawn down to the smallest detail. First, SAIKI and I had an online meeting with the production staff, and at that point we had already thoroughly researched each member’s individuality. For example, KANAMI loves SAIKI, or AKANE makes funny faces (laughs). Before we explained it, he did a lot of research, and from there, he delved into it in more detail-po.

──You can tell how thorough the research is from the fact that there are members drinking alcohol in the anime.

MISA: I drink all the time (laughs).

Miku Kobato: AKANE is playing around with bananas.

AKANE: I was moved. I think you’ve done a lot of research.

SAIKI: Kanami’s eyes look at me like a heart.

KANAMI: Kyaa (laughs)!

Miku Kobato: After communicating with her on ZOOM several times, I was able to meet her in person and talk with her, and even had her costume taken in detail. “What kind of shoes are you wearing?” The same goes for musical instruments, po.

SAIKI: The musical instruments are drawn in really great detail!

Miku Kobato: Even the pattern is perfectly reproduced po.

SAIKI: Even the accessories are well drawn. They also wanted materials about accessories, so I sent them the photos as well. I’m very happy because you made it very nice.


──Moreover, the video contains the meaning of a self-introduction. The characters in this anime are real, and they are going to attack from now on. I think that even people who don’t know much about BAND-MAID up until now can understand that.

SAIKI: That’s right. We were also fired up once again when that video was completed, and it really felt like “Oh yeah, this is what I wanted!” (laughs).

Miku Kobato: There’s a scene at the beginning where each person comes out, isn’t it? Each of them is linked to scenes from past music videos. That’s how you can feel the history up until now, so I thought, “Oh, amazing po!”

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