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BIGBANG transfers and participates in new projects… A new turning point is reached and the second act! Attention to future group and solo activities – Kstyle

BIGBANG has reached a new turning point. Following TOP, D-LITE chose to go independent, and TAEYANG moved to THE BLACK LABEL, a label under YG ENTERTAINMENT. G-Dragon is expected to continue to belong to YG. How about the second act of the BIGBANG members who foretold a new start separately and together?

BIGBANG, which debuted in 2006 and debuted 17 years ago, has released many hit songs such as “LIES”, “LAST FAREWELL”, “HARU HARU”, “FANTASTIC BABY”, and “BANG BANG BANG”, making history in Korean popular music. drew a line in

The members participated in writing and composing the song and became world-famous artists, leading the trend not only in music but also in popular culture such as fashion and dance, leading K-pop to the global stage. contributed to

BIGBANG, which has been active and loved for about 20 years, will not only be active as a group, but will also start challenges in different places in the future. In February 2022, TOP announced that their exclusive contract with YG would end along with their comeback. He promoted his personal projects and heralded a new departure as an artist and entrepreneur. At the time, YG explained, “We respected TOP’s opinion that he wanted to expand his activities as an individual, not just BIGBANG, and had a lot of discussions with the members.” The wine he launched himself has been very popular, and recently he became a member of the crew of Yusaku Maezawa’s lunar orbiting project “dearMoon”, which attracted a lot of attention.

TAEYANG has moved to THE BLACK LABEL under YG. In December last year, YG announced, “TAEYANG will be working as an artist under YG’s affiliate THE BLACK LABEL.” THE BLACK LABEL also explained, “Producers TEDDY and SOL, who have worked together as producers and artists for a long time, will start anew as THE BLACK LABEL based on their deep trust in each other.” After the transfer, TAEYANG released a collaboration song “VIBE” with Jimin of BTS (bulletproof boy band), which has been well received by K-POP fans around the world.

G-Dragon is discussing a solo contract with YG. D-LITE is searching for a new start after the contract has ended. D-Lite posted a handwritten letter on his YouTube channel, saying, “I am sincerely grateful that you took care of me when I was young for a long time, raised me, and helped me grow. I am deeply grateful. I’m going to embark on a new adventure.Someone said, there is absolutely nothing forever.No, there is definitely something forever..BIGBANG.”


In this way, the four members have gone their separate ways for the first time in about 20 years, but BIGBANG will continue to be active in the future. When the exclusive contract ends, TOP said, “If the conditions are met, I will join BIGBANG’s activities at any time.” We support the departure and choice, and will cooperate at any time.”

YG also added, “We know that many people are waiting for BIGBANG’s activities, so we will work together for that.”

In April 2022, BIGBANG swept the top of the Korean music charts with the new song “Still Life” released for the first time in four years, and not only topped the music program but also achieved excellent results on the global charts. It has proved its enduring popularity. Expectations are already rising as to what kind of music they will create as they reunite as BIGBANG.

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Original article delivery date: 18:11 on December 27, 2022
Reporter: Ji Min Kyung

The article is in Japanese

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