22/7 Rena Miyase “Thank you for letting me be an idol” Declaration of “new dream” at “graduation party” with tears and smiles | ORICON NEWS

22/7 Rena Miyase “Thank you for letting me be an idol” Declaration of “new dream” at “graduation party” with tears and smiles | ORICON NEWS
22/7 Rena Miyase “Thank you for letting me be an idol” Declaration of “new dream” at “graduation party” with tears and smiles | ORICON NEWS
22/7 (Nanabunnonijuni), a 14-member digital voice actor idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto, held a “Rena Miyase Graduation Concert” at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) on the 25th. Joined as an initial member of the group on December 24, 2016, it was the last live for Miyase Rena, who has been active for about 6 and a half years.

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While the venue was filled with pink penlights, Miyase’s penlight color, Overture played along with a video looking back on the history of Miyase, and the graduation concert began.

When the 14 members dressed in pure white costumes appeared, they performed “Ponytail wa Nawaka kaenai”. We deliberately chose a song with the lyrics “Graduation”, and it became the first song that made us strongly aware that it was a “Graduation Concert”. In the following “Mirai wo Iru Kara”, the excitement of the first song raised the voltage of the venue. Then, Kawase Uta, Shirasawa Kanae, Miyase, Tsuki Shijo, and Samai Tsukishiro’s “Tattoo Love” by the fluorescent light restoration plan completely changed the atmosphere and sang coolly with a sharp dance.

Moe Suzuka, Miyase, Mao Asaoka, Ameya Mina, Kiyoi Mina, Shiina Otsuki, and Shijo Tsuki’s Red Team’s “Halero” followed by singing “Just here and now” where everyone gathered again. , to MC.

In the corner where all the members introduced themselves, Miyase called out, “Today has really come. The audience responded with loud cheers and applause.

In the middle block, the set list will be centered on the unit songs included in the new single “Mou Junjo wa Disturbance Dake”, “Kanashii no Half”, and “Boku no Horoscope”. During the live performance of “Idatenmusume”, which was particularly exciting, the fans showed a sense of unity with the call of the day.

Then, the MC entered the second half of the game. After starting with the new song “Ayafuyana Sekaikan”, they performed “Trade Condition”, “Yomikake no Manga”, and “Raimei no Delay”, the unit songs in which Miyase participated. In “Circulation Bus”, the orange lighting created an emotional atmosphere, and during the performance of Miyase’s solo dance, which was illuminated by spotlights during the song, the other members watched from behind as if they were sending it off.

Miyase said, “The last song I’m going to sing is ‘Boku wa Konya, Ideku’, which was released yesterday. For me, it’s my first and last performance in front of everyone. I received a wonderful song. Member 14 I am very happy to be able to sing with others and to be sent off. I will sing carefully. Please listen.”

While some members were in tears, Miyase, who had a scene where tears overflowed unintentionally, showed a sad expression and a smile, and sang as if to savor every second, ending the main part.

After receiving an encore from the venue with an overflowing “Reinyan” call, all the characters voiced by the members gathered on the screen, including “Tachikawa Ayaka” voiced by Miyase. When Tachikawa gave her last greeting, “Thank you, I’m coming”, Miyase appeared in a white dress and sexyly sang her solo song “Moonlight”.

As a final greeting, Miyase read a letter saying, “I wrote you a letter,” describing his feelings toward graduation. While conveying his gratitude to the members, fans, and family, he said, “After graduating, I will move on to a new path. I dreamed of becoming an actress. I thought I would regret it if I gave up without taking on the challenge. There may be others, but I want to keep working hard,” he said, revealing his thoughts on the future.

While wiping her tears over and over again, she called out, “I love you all so much. Thank you for letting me be an idol! And please continue to support 22/7!”

When she sang the last song, “Shampoo no Kaigashita”, with tears in her eyes, but with a bright smile at the end, she put the microphone on the stage and said, “Thank you, see you soon.” left behind.

After the performance, an image of Miyase and Tachikawa in pure white dresses was projected onto the screen, and the fans continued to call out “Reinyan” and applaud for a while.

Reina Miyase graduation concert set list
M1.Ponytail does not turn around
M2.Because there is a future
M3. Tattoo Love
M4. Hallero
M5.Just here and now
M6. Pure heart is just a hindrance
M7. Half of sorrow
M8. My Horoscope
M9. The first snow of the year
M10.Idaten Musume
M11. Ambiguous view of the world
M12.Exchange conditions
M13. Half-read manga
M14. Raimei no Delay
M15.Circulation bus
M16.I’m leaving tonight
EN2.It smelled like shampoo

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