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F1 Las Vegas GP: Are there plenty of opportunities and places for overtaking in terms of layout?[]

F1 Las Vegas GP: Are there plenty of opportunities and places for overtaking in terms of layout?[]
F1 Las Vegas GP: Are there plenty of opportunities and places for overtaking in terms of layout?[]

F1 fans could have something to look forward to this weekend if Alex Albon’s predictions are correct, although the Las Vegas Street Circuit, home of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, has been cited for challenges due to cold temperatures and new tires. do not have. Alex Albon believes there will be plenty of overtaking opportunities at the 6.2km, 17-turn Las Vegas Street Circuit, which is set against a backdrop of gorgeous neon lights.

The Las Vegas Street Circuit has two DRS zones: one for the sharp right-hand corner between Turns 4 and 5 on the approach to the Sphere, and one for the tight left-hand corner of Turn 14 at the end of the Strip. It’s similar to Baku, the venue for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. “It’s a very simple circuit in terms of layout and it’s very easy to learn,” Albon said. “The track is very interesting, there are quite a few compound corners and it’s hard to lock up at the front. It’s not great for our car, but it’s OK. “What’s interesting is how rough the track is and the bumps. “In terms of racing, there’s going to be a lot of overtaking. At least as far as I’ve been driving, there’s a lot of opportunities and places to overtake. Especially on the approach. Turn 14 looks like the most obvious passing point given the presence of DRS, but Albon feels it is Turn 1 that has the big chance. Coming out of Turn 14, there is a short, sharp right-left kink that allows the following cars to negotiate the shallow Turn 17 and close the gap to the cars ahead as they head into the start-finish straight into Turn 1. “With that layout, the street is really huge, so we’ll see what happens,” Albon added. “For example, there should be more overtaking in Mexico. There are wide streets. However, the design of sector 3 is not suitable for racing at all. It is very difficult to maintain a close battle at the start of the final corner.” There’s an example of that in Las Vegas. Technically there’s supposed to be an overtaking spot at the end of the (Strip) straight, but the corner before that doesn’t allow you to get close. “Everyone is trying to stay close. You think it’s in the fast corners that you have a hard time staying close, but it’s actually the slow corners that you have a hard time keeping close.The front end of this car is very difficult. “If you lose it, you’re easily separated.” “But I think there will be quite a lot of overtaking in Las Vegas, especially going into Turn 1 from the last corner, because it’s not that difficult to stay close,” Albon said. Also, given the track’s considerable straight-line speed, we’re confident it will play to the strengths of the car, which has been out of development for several months with a focus on 2024. Furthermore, with qualifying starting at midnight local time and the final starting at 10pm local time, Albon feels that overnight temperatures are expected to drop to 10-11 degrees Celsius, which will further support Williams’ fight. ing. “It should suit us both in terms of layout and in terms of temperature,” said Albon. “Qualifying will be a big question about whether we can make the tires work well in those temperatures. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be better for us.”

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