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The Russian military continues to carry out missile and drone attacks in various parts of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian side is on high alert.

Both sides have shown a willingness to strengthen their air defense systems, and it is expected that battles over the skies will intensify this winter.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on the 17th that the Russian military launched attacks on Mykolaiv and Odesa regions in the south with 10 Iranian-made drones, shooting down nine of them.

The Russian military also reportedly carried out missile attacks on the eastern Donetsk region.

As Russian air attacks continue, President Zelenskiy said on social media on the 17th, “Our air defense capabilities are being strengthened. “We need a new system,” he said, indicating his stance to strengthen the air defense system.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Security Council Patrushev, a close aide to President Putin, held a meeting on the 16th in Voronezh Oblast, western Russia, which borders Ukraine, and said, “The operational headquarters in each region will take measures to protect important infrastructure facilities and strengthen air defense.” ‘

Regarding this, the American think tank “Institute of War” pointed out on the 16th, “This winter, the Ukrainian side is also attacking Russia’s rear areas with missiles to cut off supply routes, and Russia is also trying to respond.” .

Both Russia and Ukraine have indicated that they are strengthening their air defense systems, and it is expected that the battle over the skies will intensify this winter.

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