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Nogizaka46’s Yoda Yuki, fist fights “not happening these days” and cute “wish” on stage | ORICON NEWS

Yuki Yoda, a member of the idol group Nogizaka46, took the stage to greet the opening day of the movie “OUT” held in Tokyo on the 17th, and revealed that there were “no physical fights like the ones in the movie these days.”

Nogizaka46 member Yuki Yoda (C) ORICON NewS inc. reveals that there have been no physical fights recently.

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Regarding his co-stars, including Yuki Kura, who will be filming the action scenes, Yoda recalls, “I was tied up thinking it was going to be difficult.” “It was scary to watch, wondering what would happen if I got hit,” she said, expressing her nervousness.

Nogizaka46’s Yuki Yoda (C) ORICON NewS inc. appeared on stage for the opening day greeting of the movie “OUT”.

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Then Koji Mizukami asked a strange question, “Yoda-chan, have you ever gotten into a physical fight?” “There’s no way that could happen,” said Yoda, ignoring director Hiroshi Shinagawa and others, who said, “Not recently.” He added, “I remember when I was in elementary school, when I tore my T-shirt, climbed a mountain, and fell down.” , going into the sea, and climbing trees,” he said, revealing his shocking childhood.

However, Yoda also makes a cute request during the performance. “Actually, I exchanged LINE with Marina Watanabe, but I lost my smartphone and my account changed, so could you exchange it again later?” I asked Watanabe. Watanabe narrowed his eyes at Yoda, who said, “I thought it was now or never. I mustered up all my courage.” “Of course! She’s cute.”

This work is a manga that depicts the sequel to “Drop” (2009), which was made into a film based on the novel about director Shinagawa’s youth (original work: Tatsuya Iguchi, Tamako Mizu / Akita Shoten “Young Champion Comics”) is the original work. Tatsuya Iguchi (Kura), a super delinquent who is on probation and will be out if he gets into a fight the next time, meets members of the motorcycle gang “Kirihito” in a new land, and has a fight with “Bakurakan”. become involved in a conflict.

At the same event, Yuki Kura, Torataro Daigo, Yuki Yoda (Nogizaka46), Koji Mizukami, JO1 (Sho Yonashiro, Yoshio Ohira, Aoi Kinjo), Tomoharu Shoji (Shoji Shinagawa), Marina Watanabe, Tetta Sugimoto, Director Hiroshi Shinagawa also took the stage.

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