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Actor Manami Satsukawa is starring in the TV Tokyo drama “Couple Harmony Recipe-Would you like to exchange? One night only~” (every Wednesday at 0:30, starting on October 5th), the key visual was released on the 17th.

Drama “Couple Harmonious Recipe-Do you want to exchange?Only for one night~” Key visual (C) “Recipes for a harmonious couple~Would you like to exchange? Only for one night~” Production Committee

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This work is based on the manga Tamae Koshikawa, who is serializing on the web manga site “Meccha Comic x fufu”, and the original author, Mr. Aoi Sei, “Couple Harmony Recipe ~ Still Loves Her Husband ~”. Housewives who suffer from sexlessness for various reasons are satisfied with being hugged by someone through “married couple exchange = being held by another’s husband”, and the love of the couple is confirmed. Based on the dangerous but platonic exchange of a couple, it beautifully depicts a love story for all women who are working hard as wives, mothers, and women.

Satsukawa will play Shiho Nishina, a mother of one who is raising her child while working as a writer at home, while her husband Kousuke will be played by Takenaga Senga of Kis-My-Ft2.

The key visual expresses the shocking situation in which a wife is in the same place as a man other than her husband and a woman other than his wife, with a design that gives a pop and sweet impression. It is easy to think that couple swapping is an act of betraying someone important to you. The feeling and subtle sense of distance are expressed in the expressions of Satsukawa and Senga, and incorporated into the world of the drama.

“Couple harmonious recipe ~ Shall we exchange? Ichinen dake ~” tricot in charge of the opening theme

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In addition, the opening theme has been decided to be “Aquarium” by the rock band tricot. The exhilarating melody, tricot-like word play, and lyrics that are perfect for this work, such as “I can’t be trapped by someone’s common sense anymore”, are a song that is close to the characters who jump into the new world of “husband and wife exchange”. there is Combined with powerful singing voice and singing voice, it will make the drama even more exciting.

Ikkyu Nakajima, tricot, said, “When I asked about the content of the drama, I realized that there might be a door that I couldn’t find because of the ‘common sense’ that I had been protecting for so long, so I wrote this song. At the same time, I would be happy if this song could also help someone notice.” Yusuke Yoshida also revealed, “I arranged it so that curiosity, guilt, and various emotions are never negative images, but are all positively captured.” I think I made it into a song,” he said confidently.

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