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MBC News | Road closures in Kagoshima prefecture, etc. (11:00 pm)

Road closures in Kagoshima Prefecture, etc. (11:00 pm)[01/24 23:34]

Roads in Kagoshima Prefecture are closed one after another due to snow, ice, and strong winds. In addition, there are places where slip prevention such as chains are required, especially in mountainous areas.
[Closed to traffic]The following section of the expressway is closed to traffic.
●From Kagoshima IC to Hitoyoshi IC on the Kyushu Expressway.
●From Kagoshima-nishi IC to Satsumasendai Mizuhiki IC on the Minamikyushu Expressway. From Akune IC to Izumi IC. ●From Kokubu IC to Sueyoshi Takarabe IC on the Higashi Kyushu Expressway.
National roads and prefectural roads are closed to traffic in the following sections.
●From Ishiki, Kagoshima City, Hidabashi Intersection on National Route 3 to Osato, Ichikikushikino City, Ichiki Interchange Intersection.
●Take Route 10 from Kokubun, Kokubun Minamikomae Intersection to Sueyoshi Takarabe IC in Sueyoshi-cho, Soo City.
●From Kagehara, Shimofukumoto-cho, Kagoshima City on National Route 225 to Kawabe-cho, Minamikyushu City Roadside Station Kawabe.
●Take Route 504 from Satsuma Hirohashi IC to Nosaka IC.
●National Route 268 between Oguchi Yamano, Isa City and Kumamoto prefecture border.
●From Taniyama IC to Ei IC on the Ibusuki Skyline.
●From Yakusugi Land on Prefectural Road 592 Yakushima Park Anbo Line to Myojodake Observatory.
●From Yakushima Lighthouse on Prefectural Road No. 78 Kamiya Hisa Nagata Yaku Line to Segiri.
●This is Cashmere Bridge on Prefectural Road 75 Nishinoomote Minamitane Line.
[Necessary for chains, etc.]The following roads require slip prevention such as chains on national highways.
●Iriki Pass and Shibi Pass on Route 328
●National Route 267 from Kino Oguchi, Isa City, near the border of Kumamoto Prefecture, and from Moumyo, Satsuma Town, to near Oguchi Harimochi, Isa City.
●National Route 268 in Yusui Town and between Hishikari and Yusui Town in Isa City.
●National Route 447 from Oguchi Aoki, Isa City to near the border of Miyazaki Prefecture, from Oguchi Shiraki, Isa City to the border of Izumi City, and near Kamiokawanai, Isa City.
●National Route 504 Takaono IC – Tomarino IC and Hayatocho, Kirishima – Yokogawacho, Kirishima
●National Route 223 from Kubota, Makisonocho, Kirishima City to Kirishima Taguchi.
In addition, chains are required on prefectural roads such as mountainous areas in various places.

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