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MBC News | Disturbance of streetcar and bus operation Impact of snow and road freezing Kagoshima

Disturbances in streetcar and bus operations Impact of snow and frozen roads Kagoshima[01/25 09:08]

Due to the effects of snow and frozen roads, streetcar and bus services have been disrupted.

▼Streetcars have been suspended from the first train.

《General Route Bus》
▼City buses will operate as usual from the first train on all routes, but depending on the section, there may be delays due to slow driving.
▼Kagoshima Kotsu operates as usual only for some sections in the direction of Osumi. In other sections, we will check the road conditions and resume operation as needed.
▼Nangoku Kotsu has suspended operation from the first train, and the route in Kagoshima city is scheduled to resume operation around 10:00 am.
▼The JR Kyushu Bus Hokusatsu Line, which connects Satsuma Town and Kagoshima City, has been suspended from the first train.

《Airport Shuttle Bus》
▼Kagoshima Kotsu only detours to and from Kagoshima City and Kanoya City, but other routes are suspended from the first train.
▼The Nankoku Kotsu bus only detours to and from Kagoshima City, but significant delays are expected.

“Express bus”
Due to the closure of highways in a wide area of ​​Kyushu, each company has suspended or postponed operation from the first train.

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