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Michi (Nao) & Kaede (Minami Tanaka) shudder at the next week’s notice of “Anashite” “Silent”, finally going to “lunch” | ORICON NEWS

The 7th episode of Fuji TV’s Thursday theater “Anata ga Shitekurenaitemo” (10:00-10:54), starring actor Nao, was broadcast on the 25th. In the next notice immediately after the broadcast, Michi Yoshino (Nao) and Kaede Niina (Minami Tanaka) were shown facing each other in silence for more than 10 seconds, causing the viewers to shudder.

(From left) Nao, Minami Tanaka (C) ORICON NewS inc.

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At the end of the same story, Kaede identifies her husband Makoto’s (Takanori Iwata) cheating partner as Yoshino Michi (Nao) and visits the company. Seeing the chance that Michi was alone, she called out, “Mr. Yoshino, would you like to have lunch with me? I’ll treat you.” I asked.

The next week’s preview immediately after the broadcast is only a video of Michi and Kaede facing each other in silence at a restaurant. Michi with tears in her eyes and Kaede with eyes trembling with anger face each other in a scene of carnage called “lunch”.

From the viewers, “Isn’t it too scary…”, “Hell’s lunch time”, “I was trembling at the silent confrontation”, “I was nervous about the notice”, “What is this next notice”, “I’m scared of Kaede~”, “Next notice is tight” ‘ is being heard.

The work is based on a comic of the same name by Haruno Haru (Futabasha). It began serialization in the manga magazine Manga Action in 2017, and attracted a great deal of attention as a shocking work that cut straight into the sexless issue, which is difficult to talk about. It is attractive with a tingling conversation play that seems to speak for the thoughts of those who are worried about marital relationships, and a thrilling storyline that makes you feel a forbidden relationship.

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