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Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima x Captain Tsubasa “PEACE WING HIROSHIMA PROJECT ONE” has started! ~ Implementing peace initiatives for the whole world, such as installing a giant mural of “Captain Tsubasa” inside the new stadium ~


Sanfrecce Hiroshima Co., Ltd. will be displaying the world-famous soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa” and “PEACE WING HIROSHIMA PROJECT ONE” at “Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima”, which is scheduled to be under designated management from December 28th (Thursday) this year. ” will start.

“PEACE WING HIROSHIMA PROJECT ONE” sees the new stadium “Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima” scheduled to open in February 2024 as a global media where people gather from all over the world, and promotes “the power of sports,” “dreams,” and “world peace.” This is a project that disseminates these three themes to the whole world.
We hope that this project will serve as an opportunity for people to visit Hiroshima, and by creating connections with those who come to engage in peace activities, we hope to provide an opportunity to reconsider the idea of ​​a peaceful world.
Mr. Yoichi Takahashi, the original author of the soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa” and who agreed with the concept of this project, has been appointed as the project captain, and will carry out actions co-created with the worldview of “Captain Tsubasa.” Masu.

As part of the project action, a giant mural “Peace Wall” with a total length of about 10 meters is created on the outer periphery of “Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima”, which is a reenactment of the story of “Captain Tsubasa” and depicts the speech scene of the main character Tsubasa Ozora’s “Declaration of World Peace in Soccer”. , a soccer tournament for elementary school students called “Peace Cup (tentative name)” will be held, a special exhibition of “Captain Tsubasa” will be held at a new museum in the new stadium, and information will be disseminated overseas, etc. at the new stadium in Hiroshima. We will implement various initiatives that will encourage people to think about a peaceful world.

project logo

Thoughts behind the project name

In Hiroshima, the International City of Peace and Culture, EDION Peace Wing Hiroshima, Sanfrecce Hiroshima as the designated manager, Yoichi Takahashi, who agreed with the concept of this project, and the companies and individuals who agree with us, will work together as “ONE”. Promote activities.

project overview

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(Peace Wing Hiroshima Project One)
project owner Sanfrecce Hiroshima
(Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima designated manager)
project captain Yoichi Takahashi (Original author of “Captain Tsubasa”)
Project details
  • ・Installation of a gigantic mural “Peace Wall” with a total length of approximately 10 meters, representing the original painting created by Mr. Takahashi, which will become the symbol of the project and the original of this measure.
  • – “Peace Cup” (tentative name) initiative, a soccer tournament for elementary school students.
  • ・“Captain Tsubasa” special exhibition at the Stadium Museum.
  • ・Development and sales of capsule toys related to this project.
  • – Dissemination of information to overseas countries.

“Captain Tsubasa” “Soccer World Peace Declaration” applicable scene

“Captain Tsubasa” “Soccer World Peace Declaration” applicable scene

© Yoichi Takahashi/Shueisha Source: From Captain Tsubasa GOLDEN-23 Volume 12 “WISH FOR PEACE IN HIROSHIMA”

Contact us

Sanfrecce Hiroshima Public Relations Department
TEL: 082-259-3220

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