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Chunichi withdraws from Yamakawa Hotaka battle? | au Web Portal Sports News

Chunichi withdraws from Yamakawa Hotaka battle? | au Web Portal Sports News
Chunichi withdraws from Yamakawa Hotaka battle? | au Web Portal Sports News

Chunichi Dragons Manager Kazuyoshi Tasunami (2011)

On November 15th, Chunichi DragonsHiroyuki NakajimaPlayer (41, former Giants),Seiji UebayashiPlayer (28, former Softbank),Yasuhiro YamamotoWith the player (30, former Hanshin)Yutaro Itayama“Chunichi Sports” reported that they will acquire four players: (29, former Hanshin).

All of these players were told they were no longer active by their teams after the season ended. Since Chunichi is suffering from a lack of scoring ability, they are likely aiming to improve their strength by acquiring fielders including Nakajima, who has a total of 1,928 hits.

He will take command from 2022.Kazuyoshi TatsunamiUnder his manager, Chunichi and the fans experienced the humiliation of being in last place for two consecutive years for the first time in team history. While fans may have high hopes for the team to show a “winning attitude” next season, there are also voices on the internet questioning the acquisition of non-performing players.

《ChunichiEven if they acquire Nakaji, does that mean they have already given up on acquiring Yamakawa and Nakata?

“Even though they say they don’t have the money, I understand that the team is trying to do something when you think about the number of people they need to train.”Yamakawa: I think it’s wrong to raise the white flag based on the premise of Softbank.

“Chunichi’s reinforcements are done with the mindset of “It’s a luxury car, but it’s been cheap because it has a lot of miles on it, so I want to show off and just drive it a little.” Sometimes I really want something so I can’t afford to pay a lot of money. Well, I’m stingy so I guess it’s impossible…》

Will Softbank prepare a total of 2 billion yen?

Yes, on the same dayThe Saitama Seibu Lions, who are considered to be the centerpiece of the FA (free agent) market.Hotaka YamakawaAthletes exercise their rights. Furthermore, the Yomiuri GiantsSho NakataAnnouncement of free agent signing of player. The latter had the right to opt out of his contract with the team.

The Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, aiming to regain supremacy, immediately took action.General Manager Sugihiko Mikasa revealed the investigation into Yamakawa, and someThere are also reports of a four-year contract with an annual salary of 500 million yen, and a large contract totaling 2 billion yen.Other teams also offer similar amounts.It seems necessary to do so.

On the other hand, the Dragons’ highest paid players, excluding foreign players, are currently the ace players who have supported the team.Yudai OhnoPitcher’s 300 million yen. In addition to this, Yohei Oshima, who achieved 2,000 hits, received 250 million yen.Yuya Yanagipitcher,Hideaki WakuiPitcher Daisuke Sobue follows with approximately 100 million yen.

The team’s total annual salary is over 6 billion yen for No. 1 Softbank (2023 season, estimated), while Chunichi is about half that, just under 3 billion yen.If it becomes a money game, it is obvious that they will not be able to compete with Softbank. It looks like

“I think it’s true that Chunichi was aiming to acquire Yamakawa,” said a baseball reporter for a sports newspaper who covers baseball teams in the Kansai area.

Nakata, a free agent, is “possible”

“However, that isThis is because there was information that “Softbank is being cautious due to the sexual assault scandal.”If no other teams were willing to make an offer, they believed they could acquire Yamakawa for his current annual salary of 270 million yen, or even less.Probably.

Nakajima and others, on the other hand, are players who have been fired by their respective teams, so it is expected that they will receive a one-year contract worth between 10 million yen and 30 million yen. The total amount for the four people is less than 100 million yen, so if even one of them becomes a force, it’s a profitable contract.”

It is natural that each team has a difference in terms of funding, so they will have to make the most of it and strengthen their teams. Yamakawa was supposed to be a “savior” if Chunichi’s wishes come true, but it seems that he will not play in Nagoya.

That said, another long-range gun is “possible.” Nakata canceled his three-year contract with the Giants, but it was initially thought that he would exercise his free agency rights or be traded.

“If Nakata became a free agent, the team that acquired him would pay compensation, and if he was traded, his annual salary of 300 million yen would be a bottleneck, and there was a risk that he would not be able to find a new destination.On the other hand, if he was a free agent, with no compensation, You can also reduce your annual salary through negotiation.

 Since Nakata left the Giants for the opportunity to play more than for money, I think he would accept a cut in his annual salary by half if he was guaranteed a regular contract.In the first place, you wouldn’t throw away 300 million yen aimlessly, and it was a free contract because there was some action.I think so.” (Reporter mentioned above)

Chunichi fans have been cheering for the past two years with a sense of frustration, but they can look forward to next season.

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