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Big players who are not in the force are moving to new fields one after another, big moves by three teams Hanshin ace candidate is being trained…Departure on the 17th | Full-Count


It has been decided that Haruki Nishikawa, Yuito Mori, and others who were out of the force will be leaving.

On the 17th, three teams made big moves. Hiroshima announced that player contracts have been reached with infielders Matt Reynolds and Jake Shiner.Additionally, infielders Ryan McBroom and Matt Davidson have announced that they will not sign contracts for next season.

Reynolds, 32, has played in 225 games in the majors, batting .229 with seven home runs and 42 RBIs. He has a batting average of .277, 74 home runs, and 440 RBIs in 926 games in the minor leagues. Shiner, 28, has no experience in the majors and has played in 659 games in the minors, batting .262 with 102 home runs and 439 RBIs.

McBroom had a batting average of .272 and 17 home runs in 2022, his first year in Japan, but his performance has declined to a batting average of .221 and 6 home runs this season. Davidson, who joined the team this season, led the team with 19 home runs, but with a batting average of .210, reliability was an issue.

DeNA acquired pitcher Yuito Mori, who was no longer available from Softbank, and pitcher Hayao Nakagawa, who was no longer available from Orix, for this season. It has been announced that the Giants will acquire pitcher Hayato Horioka, who is no longer available, through training. With the departure of pitchers Shota Imanaga, Trevor Bauer, and Kendai Ishida uncertain, they acquired three pitchers at once.

Yakult has announced that they have reached a basic agreement regarding the acquisition of outfielder Haruki Nishikawa, who was out of Rakuten, and pitcher Shinya Kayama and infielder Tama Masuda, who were out of Softbank.

The departure of six players who were out of the league, including Mori, who won the save title in 2018, and Nishikawa, who was the four-time stolen base champion, was decided all at once. In addition, Hanshin’s pitcher Haruto Takahashi has been signed to a training contract. It has been announced that Rakuten pitcher Yuki Hayashi underwent surgery on his left elbow (left olecranon screw removal and left elbow open fixation) on the 16th.

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