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Mirai Asakura: “Is it necessary for Masato to intervene in MMA?” Questions about “grievances” about water removal | ORICON NEWS

Mirai Asakura: “Is it necessary for Masato to intervene in MMA?” Questions about “grievances” about water removal | ORICON NEWS
Mirai Asakura: “Is it necessary for Masato to intervene in MMA?” Questions about “grievances” about water removal | ORICON NEWS
Martial artist Mirai Asakura posted a video on her YouTube subchannel on the 17th, in which former K-1 MAX (70kg class) world champion Masato provides commentary on MMA and shows water draining right before a match. He spoke about his doubts about the fact that he had complained about this.

Mirai Asakura questioned Masato and Hiaki Maeda’s “grievances” (C) ORICON NewS inc.

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While talking about recent topics in the martial arts world in a video, new RIZIN champion Chihiro Suzuki said, “Delinquents are lowering the quality of fighters,” and Masato said, “There will be no future for martial arts. In the future, I picked up the idea that the base of the market will wither away.

At the public practice the other day, he talked about this opinion and said, “It’s great that there are top fighters who think that way.If fighters who have that kind of feeling work harder, martial arts as athletes will spread, and if both can coexist. “That’s good,” he said in the video, “I think it’s a good trend to say that it’s strange that a delinquent who doesn’t practice shines and professional fighters who work hard don’t get the spotlight.” I took it positively again.

Since he himself was a former member of the “Outsider” martial arts tournament that brought together delinquents from all over the country, he says, “Even back then, I think professional fighters had a feeling towards outsider fighters, “Don’t let those small fry get carried away.” , even when Kai (my younger brother Asakura) and I were champions, we were told, “We’re amateurs after all, and we can’t win at the professional level.” I think that when our opinions collide, the synergistic effect spreads, so I believe that martial arts… I think it’s better for both worlds to coexist,” he said.

In that vein, he asked, “What have I been thinking about Masato-san lately?” He said, “He’s an amazing person who really built an era, but I feel like he spends a little too much time explaining mixed martial arts.Is there really a need to meddle in other sports in the first place?” That’s what I thought.This is the first time I’ve said this, but I can’t be too bossy about boxing matches because it’s a completely different genre.”

Furthermore, regarding Masato and Hiroaki Maeda’s complaints about water removal in the future, he said, “Actually, there are many UFC fighters who have regained 5 kg or 10 kg after water removal, and kickboxing and In comparison, weight has a big influence (on MMA).I don’t know what the correct answer is, and what Masato-san and Maeda-san are saying may be correct, but what I want to say is, “People who have never done it before… ‘Why are you talking so arrogantly?’ I’m a little concerned about that,’ he said, questioning the situation.

On the 19th, Mirai will compete against YA-MAN at the new martial arts event “FIGHT CLUB”. This will be her first attempt at the Open Finger Gloves (OFG) three-minute, three-round kickboxing rule.

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