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Transfer negotiations for Yoshinobu Yamamoto to begin on the 22nd | au Web Portal Sports News

Transfer negotiations for Yoshinobu Yamamoto to begin on the 22nd | au Web Portal Sports News
Transfer negotiations for Yoshinobu Yamamoto to begin on the 22nd | au Web Portal Sports News

orix buffaloesAiming for a major transfer through the posting systemYoshinobu Yamamotopitcher. According to ESPN reporter Buster Olney, the official application for the posting will be made on the 20th (21st Japan time). If that is the case, the negotiation period with all teams will be 45 days from the next day, the 21st (22nd). A fierce battle is expected, and the outcome of the negotiations will be closely watched.

■D-backs, Tigers, Phillies too

ESPN’s Buster Olney reported on X (formerly Twitter) on the 17th (18th Japan time), “Yoshinobu Yamamoto will be posted on the 20th, and a 45-day negotiation period will begin on the 21st.” .

In the transfer market where demand for starting pitchers is increasing, Yamamoto’s popularity is soaring. His contract is expected to total more than $200 million (approximately 30 billion yen), with two teams in New York (yankeesMets) and the Los Angeles Dodgers are also reported to be interested in acquiring him.

In addition to these three prestigious teams, the Texas Rangers, who won the World Series (WS), the Boston Red Sox, the San Francisco Giants, the Seattle Mariners, and the San Diego Padres are expected to participate in the battle, but according to a US paper, Jon Heyman of the New York Post reported that the Arizona Diamondbacks and Detroit Tigers will also be joining the team.

The same reporter also said, “Many people believe that Yamamoto may prefer the West Coast, just like Shohei Ohtani did six years ago.If so, teams such as the Dodgers, Giants, and Padres may have an advantage.” ” expressed his opinion.

■Like Chiga, you can “leave an impact”

The American newspaper “Philadelphia Inquirer” reported that the local Phillies also “became a free agent.”Aaron NolaIf they can’t re-sign the pitcher, Yamamoto will be their top target.” The newspaper said, “Many baseball teams visited Japan to inspect Yamamoto, but the Phillies were also enthusiastic about visiting Japan.They were so enthusiastic that they were ranked in the top 5 or 6 of the teams that were interested. ” comments from people involved.

In the US media, the names of the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs have also been mentioned, bringing the total number of teams interested in acquiring him to around 13, and the competition is heating up.

From 2018 to 2021Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters,Fukuoka Softbank Hawksplayed inNick MartinezIn response to an interview with the American newspaper “Daily News,” the pitcher said,Yu Darvishpitcher andKodai SengaLike a pitcher, he said, “I think Yamamoto can make an impact. He’s ready to pitch in this league,” and expressed his understanding of his growing popularity.

Shohei OtaniThere are cases in which teams aiming to acquire Yamamoto are also targeting him at the same time, but the general view is that it would be difficult to “capture both players” given the expense involved. There is no doubt that the trends of these two players that Japan is proud of will have a major impact on each team’s reinforcement plans.

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