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Former F1 champion Nico Rosberg “If you can’t beat Norris, Piastri’s choice will backfire”[]

Former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg believes Oscar Piastri’s decision to join McLaren was a brave move but could ultimately backfire if he fails to beat Lando Norris.

Oscar Piastri was due to enter F1 with Alpine next season. The acclaimed 21-year-old Oscar Piastri had logically reached the final stage of coaching by Alpine, who has supported him since 2020.

However, due to a change of heart, Oscar Piastri rejected Alpine’s offer and switched allegiance to McLaren. The choice was harshly judged by Enstone’s team, but it was also to blame for the team’s failure to clamp Piastri on a full contract.

Nico Rosberg hailed Oscar Piastri’s decision as an act of brave youth, but warned it was also a double-edged sword.

“A brave move by Oscar, I really think so,” Nico Rosberg told Sky F1.

“He’s either beating Lando or he’s basically out of the sport, so it’s really, really tough.”

“But he believes in himself, and if he thinks he is very good, he has to do it.”

“Regarding the Oscars, if you’re a young driver and you have the opportunity to race for McLaren and you’re free to do so, you have to grab it.”

“Those opportunities don’t always come along, so he’s done everything right.”

However, Nico Rosberg has pointed to the difficult and ultimately unsuccessful task facing Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren since last season, and about the dangers lurking in Oscar Piastri’s confrontation with Lando Norris. warned.

“It will be difficult for Oscar to do well there,” said 2016 F1 world champion Nico Rosberg.

“Lando is world class, world champion material. It won’t be easy to go there and do better than Daniel.”

“Ricciardo is a multiple race winner and one of the best drivers in the world, but facing Lando proved incredibly tough. Oscar is new to the sport!”

“All signs point to Oscar truly being one of the superstars of the future.”

“But it’s really hard to believe that suddenly Ricciardo can’t learn to run super fast.”

“So I think it’s Lando who’s performing like a world champion at the moment. He’s driving incredibly well.”

“So I really think it’s going to be a really big challenge for the Oscars to get closer to Lando next year.”

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