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The competition schedule for the FIVB Paris Olympic Qualifiers/World Cup Volleyball 2023 has been decided.Women’s first match against Peru, men’s Finland | Volleyball Magazine


The Japan Volleyball Association announced on the 26th that as one of the Paris 2024 Olympic qualifiers, the “FIVB Paris Olympic Qualifiers/World Cup Volleyball 2023” will be held at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) from September to October this year. announced that the schedule for the competition has been decided.

The first match of the Japan Women’s National Team (world ranking 6th) will be against Peru on Saturday, September 16 at 19:25, and the first match of the Japan Men’s National Team (world ranking 7th) will be Saturday, September 30 at 19:25. The match against Finland will be held at 1:25.

The competition schedule for the qualifying tournaments other than POOL B to be held in Japan will be announced by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in the near future.

The schedule for the match against Japan and the opponents (world ranks in parentheses) are as follows.

September 16th (Sat) 19:25- Peru (26th)
September 17 (Sun) 19:25- Argentina (22nd)
September 19 (Tue) 19:25- Puerto Rico (17th place)
September 20 (Wednesday) 19:25- Bulgaria (16th)
September 22 (Friday) 19:25- Belgium (11th place)
September 23 (Sat) 19:25- Turkey (7th place)
September 24th (Sun) 19:25- Brazil (3rd place)

September 30 (Sat) 19:25- Finland (24th)
October 1 (Sun) 19:25- Egypt (20th place)
October 3 (Tue) 19:25- Tunisia (19th place)
October 4 (Wednesday) 19:25- Turkey (14th)
October 6th (Friday) 19:25- Serbia (11th place)
October 7th (Sat) 19:25- Slovenia (9th)
October 8 (Sun) 19:25- USA (6th)

Photographs by Takeshi Horie and Chizuru Hino

The article is in Japanese

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