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9/22 New product announcement | KAWASAKI FRONTALE


【Important Notices】
・It is not possible to reserve items on the day of release.
・Depending on the product, there may be a limit on the number of purchases.Regarding quantityKawasaki Frontale Official X (old Twitter)We will notify you at.

J League 30th anniversary collaboration project!! “Blue Rock” collaboration goods released

J League 30th anniversary collaboration project!! Collaboration with popular anime “Blue Rock” has been decided!!
The Kawasaki Frontale has a new design featuring the orthodox striker Rin Itoshi. Be sure to get collaboration goods to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the J League!

Check here for collaboration information!!
J League x Blue Rock special site

Blue Rock x Kawasaki Frontale Muffler Towel (Itoshi Rin)

This towel is characterized by its large size, measuring approximately 1.1m. We recommend displaying it in your room when not in use!

*The image is for illustrative purposes only. Design may change.

price 2,420 yen (tax included)
size Approximately H200×W1,100mm
material polyester
Product code 321354
Blue Rock x Kawasaki Frontale die-cut acrylic stand (Itoshi Rin)

We recommend displaying the large acrylic stand at home or carrying it around to take photos as a “push activity”!

*The image is for illustrative purposes only. Design may change.

price 2,200 yen (tax included)
size A5 size
material acrylic
Product code 321355
Blue Rock x Kawasaki Frontale SNS style acrylic key chain (Itoshi Rin)

An acrylic key chain with a visual that looks just like a SNS photo. You can always carry it with you, so you can take two shots whether you’re at Todoroki or on an away trip!!

*The image is for illustrative purposes only. Design may change.

price 880 yen (tax included)
size Approximately H85×W70mm
material acrylic, metal
Product code 321356
Blue Rock x Kawasaki Frontale Can Badge (Rin Itoshi)

Can badges are a staple of collaboration goods. Please wear it on your bag to promote Rin Itoshi and Kawasaki Frontale!!

*The image is for illustrative purposes only. Design may change.

price 660 yen (tax included)
size Diameter 57mm
material steel, paper
Product code 321357
Release date/store details

◇September 22nd (Friday)

Payment method (Azzurro Nero)

*Some payment methods are only available during the implementation period.

Notes (WEB shop)

・Free shipping for purchases of 5,980 yen (tax included) or more for “2023 Season Kawasaki Frontale Supporters Association Members” (excluding junior members). For customers who are not eligible, a flat shipping fee of 880 yen (tax included) will be charged throughout Japan, regardless of the purchase amount.
・We cannot accept exchanges, cancellations, or returns for products that have been used once, or that have become dirty or scratched due to the customer’s convenience.
・Please note that discounts for supporters’ association members will not be applied.


Kawasaki Frontale official goods shop “AZZURRO NERO”
1008-2 Shinmaruko-cho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki 211-0005 (30 seconds walk from JR Musashikosugi Station)
TEL 044-767-6111 (Business hours 11:30-21:00 / Closed on Mondays *If Monday is a holiday, the following Tuesday will be closed. Also, dates for home games etc. are subject to change)
Email [email protected]

Kawasaki Fronter Leo Official Web Shop “AZZURRO NERO”
Email [email protected]

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