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[Kobe Shimbun Cup Prospects]Adding momentum to the Hearts Concerto | Horse Racing News –

[Kobe Shimbun Cup Prospects]Adding momentum to the Hearts Concerto | Horse Racing News –
[Kobe Shimbun Cup Prospects]Adding momentum to the Hearts Concerto | Horse Racing News –

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“Kobe Shimbun Cup G2” (24th, Hanshin)

Derby 3rd place horse Hearts Concerto starts running. Replenish your energy and recharge your batteries with a summer break. During the interim period, he will stay in Ritto, where adjustments are being made. In the chase one week ago, Ritto CW finished first with a combined time of 6F, 82 seconds, and 6 to 11 seconds. It was a move that conveyed his good condition. I want to gain momentum with the pre-war V for the next big thing.

Similarly, Phantom Thief will be making his return since the Derby (8th place). In the chase one week ago, the three horses of Ritto CW recorded 6F 80 seconds 4-11 seconds 2. He dominated the horses running alongside him and finished 0.7 seconds first. Tomo’s sweetness that she felt in spring has disappeared and she has become more powerful. He is one of the most talented horses of his generation, winning the Kyodo News Cup and finishing third in the Satsuki Sho. Prove it with V launch.

Keep an eye on Night in London, which is riding high with three consecutive wins. A week ago, the three horses of Miura W were clocked at 6F 81 seconds 3-12 seconds 0. The last 1F took some time to finish as I was chased aggressively by Ten, but the finish itself was not bad. Stayer has risen to prominence by increasing his distance. Summer’s rising horse defeats the Derby group and becomes a candidate for the actual planet.

Lord Del Rey has won three straight games since his debut. The previous race, Akakura Special, was after a six-and-a-half month rest, but he was quick to react in a straight line from second place to V. He showed off his high ability with a complete victory that was even better than the difference. There is a great possibility that the late arrival will reshape the power balance of the Kiku Front. There are other exciting members as well, including Satonogranz, who is hoping to make a comeback after finishing 11th in the Derby.

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