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Microsoft pre-releases “Windows App”, an app that allows you to use Windows devices and apps remotely from iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows PC – GIGAZINE


MicrosoftAzure Virtual DesktoporWindows 365,Microsoft Dev Boxan app for accessing remote desktops etc.Windows AppWe announced that we have pre-released the beta version of “ for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows.

What is Windows App? – Windows App | Microsoft Learn

Windows Apps – Microsoft Apps

Windows App in TestFlight

Windows App is a service that allows you to access Windows on the cloud from a web browser on your computer or tablet.Windows 365” and serves as a central hub for streaming copies of Windows from remote PCs, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Microsoft Dev Box, and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services.


According to Microsoft, to improve the remote experience, Windows apps include “multi-monitor support,” “custom display resolution support,” “dynamic display resolution and scaling support,” and “webcam, audio, and storage device support.” , redirection of devices such as printers, and optimization of Microsoft Teams.

Please note that the Windows App is in the preview stage at the time of article creation, and the beta version is pre-released. iOS/iPadOS versionTestFlightA beta version is being distributed, but at the time of writing the article, the number of testers had reached the upper limit, so the beta version could not be downloaded. Also, the Android version has not been pre-released at the time of article creation.

An IT news site that shows how a Windows App for iOS actually worksThe VergePublished on X by Tom Warren, editor of .

what’s the future of Windows? Well, Microsoft has released a Windows App that lets you stream Windows 365 to an iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or browser. It doesn’t support consumer accounts yet, but that feels inevitable at this point https //

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren)

At the time of article creation, a company account or school account is required to use Windows App, and it cannot be used with a personal account. Warren said, “(At the time of writing) Windows Apps are limited to business accounts, but the sign-in screen for Windows Apps says “work, school, or personal account,” so it’s not possible to use a personal account. We anticipate that it may also become available.”


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