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[G-STAR 2023]Open world RPG “The Seven Deadly Sins Origin” trial report. The main character of the story is Meliodas’ son “Tristan”.


Netmarble launches new open world RPG at G-STAR 2023 being held in Busan, South Korea“The Seven Deadly Sins Origin”is on display as a playable version.

Developed by Netmarble F&C. Compatible devices are PCs, home game consoles (PS5 confirmed), and smartphones, and it is planned to be cross-platform.

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This work is an open world RPG based on the popular manga “The Seven Deadly Sins” (TV anime version) by Hiroshi Suzuki.

Netmarble is a mobile game“The Seven Deadly Sins: The Battle of Light and Darkness”It is said to be a successor to (iOS / Android, Gracro), but from the looks of it, it has evolved so much that I didn’t notice the connection at first.

The story is an original story set on the continent of Britannia, which takes place between “The Seven Deadly Sins” and the sequel “The Seven Deadly Sins: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”The main character is the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth.“Tristan”.His partner is the daughter of King and Iron.“Tiore”. Tiore is said to be an original character created by Suzuki for this work.

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In addition, familiar faces such as “Hawk”, “Dianne”, “Ban”, “King”, “Gowther”, “Merlin”, and “Escanor” will also appear, as well as “Percival”, the main character of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Their appearances (although some were not seen this time) can be seen in the PVs and visuals that have been released so far.

The discrepancies in age and appearance between the characters appear to be resolved through the development of the so-called multiverse, in which the characters are “sent to a world where a country that was supposed to have disappeared” exists. I’m sure I’ll be able to explain why I chose the multiverse in the near future.

Furthermore, the appearance of the game is frankly reminiscent of the taste established by popular titles such as “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” which is probably synonymous with modern open-world RPGs.

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On the map, you will advance the story that approaches the mystery of the artifact by completing quests requested by various characters.
Since it’s an open world, you can go anywhere (as long as you can go at the right time), and you can also fast travel by unlocking points. In the end, it seems like you can enjoy your freedom by putting aside the story.

Additionally, the development goal for the visuals created using Unreal Engine is to faithfully reproduce the taste of the original anime. In fact, the way the character’s hair flows, the movement of the wind and waves, and the shadows of objects have all been created in detail at this point, and it looks perfect. Above all, the scenery of Britannia is amazing, and the colors of the flowers alone are a feast for the eyes.

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Controls are keyboard + mouse or gamepad (Image shows PS5)
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Reference images of things you can do in-game, etc.
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Walk, run, and jump on the field. You can also climb cliffs, swim underwater, and fly high through the air on a mantahawk (equivalent to a mount). The characters also had “adventure skills,” and some characters were useful outside of battle.

In terms of action, in addition to things like burning wood with fire and collecting ore and creatures, there are many small activities such as “fishing” which has a fishing game-like operation, events like a 3D shooting game, and puzzle gimmicks. It seemed to be scattered throughout.

There are also concepts of day and night and climate, so it seems that monsters’ behavior changes depending on them, and enemies that only appear at night.

You can also fly into the air with Tiore’s hook (tentative name) and fly with the manta hawk.
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I often watch fishing, but high-speed 3D shooting is something I often create.
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Various puzzle elements that use your brain
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The adventure is carried out by 4 characters = 1 team. The playable characters can be changed at any time, and can be used depending on the situation.

Each character has three types of weapons, and depending on which one you choose, your skills and battle style will change. For Tristan, you can switch between these at any time, such as a “double sword” that emphasizes attack speed, and a “great sword” that emphasizes attack power.

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One weapon has a total of 4“skill”is set. Therefore, during play, decisions are made to use 1 character x 3 weapons = 12 skills. What’s more, weapons can also be collected as items, and each weapon has a different setting skill, so the combinations are almost endless depending on the equipment configuration. .

There are also cooperative techniques between characters, and the effects and production differ depending on the combination. For example, fans of the original work can look forward to scenes that will make them smile, such as Tristan and Meliodas’ “Special Death of Meteor and Fire,” and Hauser and Gilthunder “Desperate Death of Storm and Thunder.”

Combat basically requires action manipulation of free targets. You’ll face off against familiar monsters from the original, such as “golems” and “werebears,” as well as giant bosses that are perfect for the vast world.

The boss’s special move has a system where a red omen is displayed in the attack range, so the attack, defense, and evasion operations are well-defined.

In the trial version, I could only get a glimpse of the story that was equivalent to a tutorial and the open world that followed, but it had enough of the feel that is required for an open world RPG with this kind of atmosphere.

All that remains is how much of the original work can be brought out, interpreted, and built upon. It’s possible to pursue game design without relying solely on the original work. Since Gracro has already gained a good reputation in this area, I don’t think it will disappoint. This work was created because “The Seven Deadly Sins” is extremely popular in Korea as well. The company’s enthusiasm for this can be seen at a glance.

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The article is in Japanese

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