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“Rusted Moss”, consumer version released in 2024. A major update for the PC (Steam) version will be postponed to the same time.


PLAYISM today (November 17, 2023), an action game“Rusted Moss”PS5/Xbox Series X|S/Nintendo Switch versionReleased in 2024Then he announced. Price not yet determined.

In this game, you can move freely across the terrain using grappling operations that allow you to aim in all 360 degrees.metroidvania gameis. Players use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies, depending on their play style and situation.

The consumer version includesContains content other than the level editor distributed in the Steam versionbe done.

Additionally, the latest information about major updates to the Steam version has also been released. According to the roadmap, a major update was scheduled to be implemented in the first quarter of 2023, but considering the development circumstances and the number of man-hours required for porting,Release date postponed to 2024However, it will be implemented to coincide with the release date of the consumer version.
In the major update, we plan to add two new areas, additional content that can be played for 7 to 8 hours, over 300 new stages, boss rush mode and Maya mode.

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Delivering quality indie games to the world
grappling metroidvania
“Rusted Moss”
Console version to be released in 2024!

Indie game publishing brand “PLAYISM” ( (operated by Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd.) is a grappling metroidvania game “Rusted Moss” developed by developers faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze. We are pleased to announce that the Nintendo Switch/Playstation 5/Xbox Series

To all Steam version users

The previously promised major update is currently in development. According to the roadmap, the major update was scheduled to be implemented in the first quarter of 2023, but due to development circumstances and porting work, it has been postponed to 2024 and will be implemented in line with the release date of the console version. did.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to users who have been looking forward to the last major update, but please wait a little longer.

The contents of the major update are as follows:

●Two new areas
●7-8 hours worth of additional content
●More than 300 new stages
●Addition of boss rush mode
– Addition of Maya mode (This is a mode in which you play as Maya, which is unlocked after clearing the game once. Since it is based on RTA mode, no new story or ending has been added, but you can enjoy new challenges.)

About the console version

The console version released in 2024 will not have the level editor function

of the Steam version. However, content other than the level editor that has been added with updates to the Steam version is included in the console version.

*Level editor is a function that allows you to create original stages by placing various tiles and gimmicks.

Developer message
Hello! I am the developer of Rusted Moth.

We are currently working hard on the final major update.
There are no plans for a sequel to this work, but this major update is so large that it can be called a sequel!
However, I got a little too excited and created too much content, so I ended up needing a little more time to finish implementing and polishing it up.

But it’s not all bad. Due to the postponement, the major update and console version will be released at the same time!
The article is in Japanese

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