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“Magic material” may be used in iPhone 16 | au Web Portal Economics/IT News

“Magic material” may be used in iPhone 16 | au Web Portal Economics/IT News
“Magic material” may be used in iPhone 16 | au Web Portal Economics/IT News

Image: Florence Ion/Gizmodo US

Thermal issues that affect the performance of your gadget. Overbeating not only slows things down, but can also cause your device to shut down. To prevent this from happening, computers and smartphones are equipped with various measures to dissipate heat.

In the iPhone 16, which is expected to be released next year, it seems that the parts used to dissipate heat will be reconsidered, starting from the materials used.

From copper to graphene?

The rumor comes from a collector of Apple prototypes. is said that in order to solve the heat problem, Apple introduced the iPhone 16 series.Heat exhaust system using grapheneis said to be under active development.

Graphene is a material with excellent thermal conductivity, and compared to copper, which is currently used in iPhone heat sinks, its thermal conductivity is four times higher (Graphene is a magical material that is being researched for various uses) ).

Kosutami also said that in the iPhone 16 Pro model, the battery will also have a metal cover to further improve heat dissipation.

iPhone 15 heat issue

Immediately after the iPhone 15 was released, an issue with the device overheating was discovered. This is supported with iOS 17 minor update.

Apple says that the titanium frame and 3nm process are not the cause of the overbeat. However, if it is true that graphene is used, the next model will probably be aiming to improve the hardware by adding other parts.

…When it comes to graphene, I wonder what will happen to the price of devices.

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Source: via MacRumos

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