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HoYoverse’s new action game “Zenless Zone Zero” 2nd closed beta test will be held from November 24th. A chance to visit the new Erie capital again – -


HoYoverse posted on November 17th, “Zenless Zone ZeroWe have announced that the second closed beta test (hereinafter referred to as “CBT”) of “CBT” will start from 12:00 on November 24th Japan time. Compatible platforms are PC and Android/iOS. The call for participants will end at 1:00 a.m. on November 18th.

“Zenless Zone Zero” is an action RPG that unfolds in 3D. The setting of this work is a world attacked by a supernatural disaster called “Hollow”. However, the only city left in the world with countermeasures against the Hollow disaster, “New Erie Capital.” The player takes on the role of an expert called a “Proxy” who guides the escape from the Hollow, and uncovers the secrets hidden in the new Erie capital.

This work was announced on November 4th as a CBT called “Sound Absorption Test,” and recruitment of participants had begun (see related article). As for the test content, content will be added from the first CBT “Tuning Test”, and new characters, new maps, new enemies, etc. will appear.

This time, it was announced that the CBT will start from 12:00 noon on November 24th Japan time. The deadline for recruiting CBT participants is scheduled to end at 25:00 on November 17th. You will not be able to apply for CBT after the recruitment deadline, so those who wish to participate should apply early.

Furthermore, as part of the “Sound Absorption Test” registration lottery campaign, those who complete tasks such as pre-registering for this work and answering questionnaires will be able to win a lottery chance, which can be held on the official website. In addition to being eligible to participate in CBT, the rewards include gadgets and goods such as Apple Watch SE and character acrylic stands.

The second CBT “sound absorption test” for “Zenless Zone Zero” is scheduled to start from 12:00 on November 24th. Compatible platforms are PC and Android/iOS, and the deadline for applications is 1:00 a.m. on November 18th.


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