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Super free life sim “inZOI” officially announced. A whole life experience game created by KRAFTON – -

Super free life sim “inZOI” officially announced. A whole life experience game created by KRAFTON – -
Super free life sim “inZOI” officially announced. A whole life experience game created by KRAFTON – -

KRAFTON is “inZOI‘ was officially announced. In addition, gameplay footage of the game under development, called the “Gameplay Demo,” has also been released.

“inZOI” is a life simulation game. It is said that the player can freely manipulate the world like a god and lead the main character to the player’s wishes. In the video released as “Gameplay Demo”, the characters move freely around the city. They can also be seen working at desks in offices, working as clerks at convenience stores and fast food restaurants, and fighting fires. I also cook at home, eat with my family, and clean the living room. You can also see people playing outside their homes, such as clubs, internet cafes, and game centers. He also seems to be able to devote himself to artistic activities, such as painting and performing on the street.

In addition, it seems possible to create detailed character makeup and decorative items. There is also a housing element, and it seems possible to build walls and install windows, place furniture to decorate the room, and plant plants in the garden. You can also see how the relationships between characters in the game are developing, such as romantic relationships and fights. It also appears to include elements reminiscent of the popular life sim “The Sims.”

This work uses Unreal Engine 5 as the game engine. Looking at the released video, you can see that various elements are constructed with rich graphics. In addition, test play videos of this work are also being released on YouTube and other sites by influencers. Those who are interested should check it out.

This work is produced by KRAFTON. It is a large company that has PUBG Studios, the developer of “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS”, under its umbrella. “inZOI” was originally developed as “Project Blue” by Bluehole Studio, a subsidiary of the company. In 2022, KRAFTON will acquire the project from the studio in the form of a business transfer. It seems that development has been proceeding with abundant resources by KRAFTON.

By the way, in the “The Sims” series, which is a life sim like this one, a new game called “Project Rene” is currently under development. It is said that the game will be released as a free-to-play game to be compatible with the current game “The Sims 4” (see related article). Additionally, at Paradox Interactive’s in-house studio Paradox Tectonic, Rodvik Humble, who worked on The Sims 2, is currently developing a new life sim called Life by You. Various life sim works are scheduled to be developed, including “inZOI” which was officially announced this time, and the release of each will be a focus of attention.

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