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Google DeepMind announces “Lyria”, an AI model specialized in music generation, which generates melodies just by humming | au Web Portal Economics / IT News


Google’s artificial intelligence related company “Google DeepMind” announced on November 16, 2023, an AI model “Lyria” specialized in music generation, and two toolsets “Dream Track” and “Music” that can create music using Lyria. AI Tools” was announced.
Transforming the future of music creation – Google DeepMind
An early look our AI Music experiment – YouTube Blog
DeepMind and YouTube release Lyria, a gen-AI model for music, and Dream Track to build AI tunes | TechCrunch
Because music contains a huge amount of information such as beats, scales, and harmonies, it has been difficult for conventional AI models to generate long sequences of sounds. Google DeepMind says, “Music often includes the tones of multiple human voices and instruments at the same time, so it is much more difficult than creating audio.”
The AI ​​model “Lyria” announced by Google DeepMind on November 16, 2023 is capable of generating high-quality instrumental music played only with instruments and music including vocals. It also excels in giving users detailed control over output style and performance.
Today with @YouTube, we’re announcing Lyria: our most advanced music generation model to date. ????
We’re also releasing 2️⃣ AI experiments in close collaboration with participating artists and creators to bring their ideas to life responsibly. → — Google DeepMind (@GoogleDeepMind) November 16 , 2023

Google DeepMind has experimentally announced a tool called “Dream Track” as a toolset that can utilize Lyria. With Dream Track, users simply enter the genre, mood, and topic of the music they want to generate, and select the artist who will provide the vocals, and it will generate up to 30 seconds of music for YouTube shorts.
Nine artists are contributing the vocals, including singers Alex Benjamin, Charlie Puth, and T-Pain.
Below is a demo video of a song generated using Dream Track. This song uses Charlie Puth’s AI-generated voice and style.
Introducing Dream Track – an experiment on YouTube Shorts – featuring Charlie Puth – YouTube

Below is a video of the song created based on T-Pain’s voice and style.
Introducing Dream Track – an experiment on YouTube Shorts – featuring T-Pain – YouTube

Dream Track has been tested for some creators since November 16, 2023.
Google DeepMind also announced that it will release a tool called “Music AI Tools” for Music AI Incubator in the second half of 2023. Music AI Tools allows you to build music tracks without playing any instruments.
Below is a demo video using Music AI Tools. This video shows how a “human beatbox” that plays drums using only its own body generates music that resembles actual drums.
Introducing Music AI Tools – Transforming beatboxing into a drum loop – YouTube

Below is a video that uses Music AI Tools to convert hummed phrases to look like they are being played by an orchestra.
Introducing Music AI Tool – Transforming singing into an orchestral score – YouTube

The video below shows how a phrase played on a MIDI keyboard is converted into chorus-like music.
Introducing Music AI Tools – Transforming chords from a MIDI keyboard into a realistic vocal choir – YouTube

With Music AI Tools, users can add various features to the generated music, such as “using a piano” or “applying reverb.” A unique interface is used for these operations.

In addition, Google DeepMind has reported that music generated using Lyria will be digitally watermarked by “SynthID”, which indicates that the content is generated by AI. Google DeepMind says, “By embedding a watermark using SynthID, it becomes possible to identify content generated by AI even if it is synthesized with noise, compressed to MP3, or changes the track speed. Please note that this watermark is inaudible to the human ear and does not detract from the listening experience.”

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