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EA’s 3vs3 blowout shooter “Rocket Arena” has been quietly discontinued – no official announcement |


A 3vs3 shooter released by Electronic Arts for PC (Steam, EA app)/PS4/Xbox in 2020.rocket arenaIt has become clear that sales of “ have ended.

Multiplayer shooter fighting with rockets

Rocket Arena is a multiplayer shooter developed by Final Strike Games, and as the name suggests, it’s a game where you fight with rocket weapons. It featured unique characters, each with different types of rocket weapons and unique abilities, and a “Smash Bros.”-like mode where you continued to land attacks to send them flying out of the arena.

Season 4 will begin in June 2021, but there have been no major changes since then.Official X accountHe has been silent since his last post in April of this year. Additionally, there was no announcement regarding the end of sales, and the only relevant information was that it would be removed from EA Play on November 14, 2023, posted on EA’s service update page. .


Looking at the statistical data on the Steam version, it seems like there have been very few people around lately, but it’s a little sad to see it disappear quietly without being able to say goodbye. In addition, developer Final Strike Games has been providing live service support for Fortnite since June 2021, and seems to have been working on developing a new IP since August of the same year.

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