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You can now set a startup screen video with a game theme such as “Elden Ring” on Steam Deck. A new face appears in the official startup screen customization video – -


On November 17th, Valve began selling an OLED model of its portable gaming PC “Steam Deck.” It is also being sold in Japan by official distributor KOMODO. In conjunction with this, the Steam Point Shop has expanded its lineup of startup videos for Steam Deck. For the first time, a startup video based on a specific game has appeared.

At the Steam Point Shop, you can obtain various customization items in exchange for points earned when purchasing games on Steam. In addition to customization items for your profile image, Steam Deck startup videos and a virtual keyboard are also available. The startup video costs 3,000 points, and the virtual keyboard costs 5,000 points.

When Steam Deck starts up, by default a video that changes from the Steam Deck logo to the Steam logo plays. This startup video can be freely customized by the user, and as mentioned earlier, various patterns are available at the Steam Point Shop. Up until now, the videos have mainly been distributed with abstract images based on the Steam Deck logo, but now a startup video with the motif of the following games has been added.

・Elden Ring
・Persona 5 The Royal
・Vampire Survivors
・Dead Cells

The startup video incorporates the game’s logo, characters, and iconic scenes from the game. For example, in Vampire Survivors, the Steam Deck logo appears from a treasure chest. There’s also that booming sound that players of the same work will be familiar with. Please check the Steam Point Shop for details.

Up until now, only startup videos produced by Valve had been distributed, but this is the first time a startup video for a specific game has appeared. At the moment, there are only five highly rated well-known titles, but guidelines for creating startup videos for Steam Deck have been released to developers, so it seems likely that the lineup will expand further in the future.

The Steam Deck startup video obtained from the Steam Point Shop can be changed by selecting Customize from the Steam Deck settings screen. If you have multiple startup videos, you can also use shuffle mode to display them randomly.

Steam Deck’s OLED model, which went on sale today from November 17th, has the same basic performance and appearance as the conventional LCD model, but has an organic EL (HDR/90Hz compatible) display and an additional 7-inch display. The size has been increased from 7.4 inches. Furthermore, due to the increased battery capacity, the maximum playable time has increased from 8 hours to 12 hours. In addition, the process rule for the APU installed has been shifted from 7nm to 6nm, which reduces heat generation, and the weight has been reduced by 30g due to changes in the internal structure.

Steam Deck’s OLED model costs 84,800 yen for the 512GB version. The 1TB version is on sale for 99,800 yen. In addition, the 256GB version of the LCD model will continue to be sold, priced at 59,800 yen (tax and shipping excluded). For details, please check the official website of KOMODO, an authorized domestic distributor.

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