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More than 20% of Xperia devices are experiencing problems such as freezes and crashes after the Android 14 update | Smartphone Digest


Android 14 update for Xperia that Sony recently started providing for some overseas models.

Currently, the Xperia 1 V and Xperia 10 V are eligible, and while there are positive reviews such as improved battery life, less heat generation, and improved benchmark scores after version upgrades, there are also increasing reports of bugs and concerns. I have the impression that it is.

Meanwhile, a survey was being conducted on Reddit regarding the occurrence of problems in Xperia after the Android 14 update.

Over 1/5 of users reported freeze/crash issues

First, 32/81, that is, for Xperia users who have updated to Android 14.Approximately 40% reported experiencing some kind of malfunction or problemTo what I’m doing.

However, not only Xperia, but OS updates often come with minor glitches and bugs, so this in itself may not be a particular cause for concern.

On the other hand, about 22% were concerned.In fact, more than 1/5 of users are experiencing problems such as crashes (forced termination, etc.) and freezes on their Xperia devices after updating to Android 14.That’s the point.

In many cases, this is a problem that interferes with normal use, so even if the incidence is not very high, I think it is quite a new domestic problem.

In some partsThere have been reports of Xperia Home forcibly closing or freezing, so the problem may be caused by the Home Launcher..

By the way, although it is unclear if this is related, multiple symptoms have been reported in which problems occur when using third-party home apps even on Pixel after updating to Android 14.

Information source: Reddit


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