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[G-STAR 2023]Play “Demis Re:Born” which is serious about animation.Unique interpretations of mythical and historical heroes, including the cute Odin


Netmarble F&C will release a new game at G-STAR 2023 being held in Busan, South Korea“Demis Re:Born”We are exhibiting a playable version of (Demis Reborn). The platform will be PC/smartphone.

This work is a new work in the large-scale IP “Grand Cross” series developed by the company. This summer, they released the IP’s first mobile game, “GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS,” an MMO strategy game with a webtoon style in which giant weapons “Titans” descend onto the battlefield.

This time, “Demis Re:Born” was announced as the project name “GRAND CROSS S”, and the official name was decided exactly one year ago.

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[Interview]The new IP is anime-style MMO RTS

Developed by Netmarble F&C“GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS”is an MMO real-time strategy game that uses huge weapons to engage in large-scale battles on land, at sea, and in the air. To the development team of this work,We will send you an email interview asking about the development history and characteristics of the work.let’s.

[2023/08/04 12:00]

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The title of the new RPG

Netmarble held a press conference event in January this year.“5th NTP”The title name of the new RPG “GRAND CROSS S”, which was introduced as a title under development, is“Demis Re:Born”announced that it had been decided.Contains mainly battle sceneslatest movieis also published.


In this series, creators from South Korea, Japan, and other countries are collaborating to create new IP. The system for this work is also a bit unique, with the addition of Studio Grigo, which specializes in webtoons, in the development team.

The game genre is a collection-type RPG based on IP settings, and the world view is what is called “transferring to another world”. After that.

A person from the real world is transferred to another world.

■“Demis Re:Born”
A person from another world is transferred to the real world

Both works seem to take opposite approaches and expand the world.

“Demis Re:Born” is set in a world where heroes from various myths, histories, novels, operas, etc. are transported to this world due to a phenomenon in which dimensions connect.

The characters are designed with interpretations unique to this project, based on their respective original texts.In the trial version, the king is a cute and beautiful girl with pink hair.“Odin”Solitary Moon Goddess“Selene”,A poisonous maid“Orphen”A total of 14 characters were confirmed.

In other words, I would describe it as a gimmick similar to the Holy Grail War.

Thumbnail image of image collection No.007 /[G-STAR 2023]Play Thumbnail image of image collection No.008 /[G-STAR 2023]Play
Thumbnail image of image collection No.009 /[G-STAR 2023]Play

The “Story Mode” mentioned at the site depicts a conflict between “Connectors (players)” who collect Ooparts that bring chaos to the world, and “Transcendents (otherworldly characters)” called by them. Ta.

The concept of this work seems to be “a story experience similar to watching an anime,” and there are animated scenes interspersed throughout. The visual expression using 3D cartoon rendering is also visually well-made.

Furthermore, while the scenario is progressing, a so-called QTE system is used to progress the game, such as “tap (the security button on the screen)” and “avoid enemy attacks (by sliding).”

Thumbnail image of image collection No.010 /[G-STAR 2023]Play Thumbnail image of image collection No.011 /[G-STAR 2023]Play

During play, you move the SD character around the world and complete the story and battles. In addition to NPCs that can be interacted with, there are also events scattered around the world, such as concepts of time and weather, collection elements, and puzzle elements.

In short, the structure allows you to enjoy scenarios and battles with life-sized 3D characters, and enjoy field movement with two-headed SD characters.
After smartphone games became popular, people often talked about how to create a sense of adventure (in RPGs, etc.) by having a field or not.

In that respect, this work probably bet on the idea that it would be more interesting.

Thumbnail image of image collection No.012 /[G-STAR 2023]Play
Thumbnail image of image collection No.013 /[G-STAR 2023]Play

The battle is an auto battle. Characters placed on the battlefield act automatically, but you manually decide on targeting and skill usage.
In terms of operation, “skill usage range and enemy location” are important points to consider, but broadly speaking, I got the impression that the game places emphasis on party formation.

As expected from a game like this, high-quality animation cuts in when using special move skills, so it looks great.

Thumbnail image of image collection No.022 /[G-STAR 2023]Play

In addition to the playable experience, there was also a “G-STAR event” where you collected coins on the world map, and a “PICK event” where visitors could vote for their favorite characters. Regarding the former, it is said to be a limited mode for trial play that compactly condenses the attractive parts of the game.

Netmarble also had similar “dedicated modes for trial versions” in the SF-MMORPG “RF ONLINE NEXT” and the open world RPG “The Seven Deadly Sins Origin.” Although these two games were both large-volume AAA titles, the experience of the same mode was easy to understand and smartly enjoyable.
It may be a different level of study than the game content, but it was an example of Netmarble’s unique strategy in exhibiting titles and booths.

In addition, words such as “challenge” and “festival” (possibly gacha) were also seen, although they were locked in-game. Furthermore, multiplayer is also being considered, and although the mechanism has not been determined, it seems possible that PvP and PvE will be incorporated into this work.

Thumbnail image of image collection No.020 /[G-STAR 2023]Play

It didn’t end up becoming an IP because it became popular. As mentioned in any industry or business, title development with the aim of creating IP from Hana tends to face the “difficulties of starting a vertical business that you can understand by trying.” In this regard, it is unclear whether this work or this series will be able to follow the path of becoming a popular IP, and the game industry is one that has many regrettable cases throughout its history.

On the other hand, the game industry is the least suitable partner for seeking evidence of success or failure. First of all, I would like to express my expectations and interest in the future of “Demis Re:Born”, which clearly has been well prepared.

Thumbnail image of image collection No.021 /[G-STAR 2023]Play

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