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“CoD: MW3” Season 1 advance information: 3 new multi-purpose maps including “Meat” / Return of Gunfight / New ending content for Zombies / Urzikstan appears in Warzone


Activision has released some of the content in preparation for Season 1, the first major update for the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (MWⅢ) title in the CoD series. Advance release.

In Season 1, three new multiplayer maps will be implemented. “Gunfight” returns with one new map. In addition, even more replay elements have been added to zombies. “Warzone” has been updated to match “CoD: MW3,” and the battle begins on the large battle map “Urzikstan.”


“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information

Season 1 starts in early December

(The Japanese names below are tentative translations in the article)

Multi: 3 new maps + 1 gunfight map

Three new maps for multiplayer, whose existence has been revealed for some time, have been unveiled. Two of these, “Meat” and “Greece,” will be playable from the start of Season 1, and “Rio” will appear in midseason.

Meet (start of season)


A compact map centered around East Bay Meats’ slaughterhouses. Become the best “butcher” here.

Greece (at the start of the season)

“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information:

A medium-sized map inspired by cities on the Mediterranean coast. Prove that you are more than just a mortal.

Rio (Season 1 Reloaded)

“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information:

A brightly colored map that highlights high-end shopping centers. Fight your way through intricate quarters and elegant streets.

Gunfight is back

Gunfight, a round-based 2v2 mini-game mode, can also be played in CoD: MW3 from Season 1.

Each round is short and progresses at a high pace, but the sense of urgency is greater than 6v6. Form a duo with a friend and work together to win.

Training facility (at the start of the season, for 2v2)

“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information:
training facility

The new map for Gunfight, “Training Facility,” is set at a shooting range at the center of the training course. The structure has many places to climb.

In addition to this “Training Facility”, multiple maps will be reprinted in Gunfight. Details can be found in the Season 1 general announcement.

Zombie: Endgame Content and V-R11

“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information:
Wonder weapon “V-R11” that also appeared in the previous work.Reprinted as a modified version of “MW3” Zombie

The Zombie mode story, which can currently be played up to Chapter 3, will continue in “Season 1”. Explore exclusive zones and take on new challenges from mysterious lifts.

  • rush into the lift: Players who complete the season mission can play the new endgame content “Dark Aether Rift.” Inside this rift, you will face evil and chaotic challenges. Achieve the goal within the time limit and escape alive.
  • friend zone: Modified version of the wonder weapon “V-R11”.Transform enemies into loyal allies, whether zombies or humans.
  • gear up: A new category of unique diagrams has appeared.Unlocking will test the player’s skill.

Warzone: Deployed to Urzikstan!

“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information:
Urzikstan appears in Warzone

The large map “Urzikstan”, which was the setting for Zombie mode in the preseason, has finally appeared in “Warzone” from Season 1. It consists of 11 main areas, from the Popov power plant in the north to the outskirts of Zaraban in the south (detailed article).

  • Gameplay updates: The character operation system has been updated, and in line with “CoD: MW3”, sliding cancels and TAC stances will be possible in “Warzone” as well.
  • take off: A new zip line that allows horizontal movement and a train that can be driven can be used in battle.Details on how to move around each area of ​​Urzikstan will be announced at a later date.
  • CoD HQ updates: You will be able to smoothly switch between “CoD: MW3” and “Warzone”

A “ranked match” and “snow” themed event?

In addition to these, a large amount of new content and surprises will be introduced in “Season 1”. In multiplayer, “ranked matches” will begin. Although I didn’t mention it on the blog, I’m also looking forward to the usual new weapons, seasonal battle pass, and Black Cell.

Additionally, special events related to snow will be held during the midseason. There are many things to be curious about, but let’s pay attention to the overall picture of “Season 1” which will be revealed at a later date.

  • Title: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
  • Release date: November 10, 2023
  • Target models: PS5/PS4, Xbox X|S/Xbox One, PC ( / Steam)

“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information:


¥9,800 (As of 2023/08/22 08:49 | Amazon research)

“CoD:MW3” Season 1 advance information:

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