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The space war sim “STAR FLEET II” released on MS-DOS 34 years ago has been updated to version 2.0 and is now available on Steam/! | Game*Spark


Mr. Trevor Sorensen and Mr. Mark Baldwin created the space war simulation game “The World War II”, which was released for MS-DOS 34 years ago in 1989.STAR FLEET II – Krellan Commander‘ has been updated to version 2.0 and distribution on Steam/ has started.

sandbox galactic war

This is a complex and detailed space war simulation game in which players start with a single battleship. Through seven classes with five missions each, you’ll take on missions such as escort and planetary invasion, and eventually take command of a complete sector. Each mission is randomly generated in a sandbox galactic war, and although there is a specific goal, it is up to the player how to achieve it.


Features of the original version

  • Explore and conquer 35 galactic regions with over 1,700 star systems and 1,000 unique planets

  • Each planet has a unique surface that can be viewed from orbit.

  • 10 types of ships: Alliance heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers, frigates, scout ships, freighters, starliners, Krellan cruisers, destroyers, troop transports, supply lines, etc.

  • Real-time simulation of movement and combat in both space and planets

  • Battles between ships and fleet battles

  • Simulation of 12 critical ship systems

  • Adds new commands including communications, intelligence, strategic command, logistics, eradication pods, science, medical, and planetary invasions.

  • Landing forces for planetary exploration, contact with planetary civilizations, building bases, acquiring supplies, etc.

  • Legion of elite Krellan warriors to conquer the planet

  • Simulation of crew fatigue and morale, supplies, and interactions with prisoners of war

  • Multiple mission objectives

  • Take command of planetary invasions and control individual units

  • There are 7 ranks with 5 missions each, increasing in complexity.

  • Switch between sound and music with original PC speaker sound effects


The original version of “STAR FLEET II – Krellan Commander” in 1989 was released in time for the Christmas season with many bugs remaining (debugging and development continued until 1991). It seems that development of version 2.0 began in 2018 when the PC at the time of development was revived. Version 2.0, which features AI and UI improvements, numerous bug fixes, improved QoL with improved key commands, new features and new overlays, is available now for 1,010 yen/$9.99.


The article is in Japanese

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