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Dell Latitude 7340UltraLight Review 1kg Business Mobile Laptop


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I was able to borrow a business PC Latitude 7340 from Dell, so I would like to review it.

In conclusion, this is a notebook PC recommended for corporate users who are considering a lightweight business mobile notebook PC, and those who are considering a work PC.

Dell Latitude 7340 specs

Latitude 7340
monitor 13.3 type (1920 x 1200 dots)
CPU Core i5 1345U
iGPU Radeon Graphics
memory 16GB (DDR5)
SSD 512GB (NVMe)
Size (width xdepth x thickness) Width approx. 299mm x Depth approx. 212mm x Height approx. 16.67mm
wireless communication standards WIFI6E(802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.3
battery 54Whr
Charging type 60W AC adapter
weight Approximately 0.98kg
guarantee ProSupport Next Business Day Onsite Maintenance Service

Specification details can be found on the Latitude 7340 product page


Latitude 7340 is a business mobile notebook PC sold by Dell. It uses Intel’s 13th generation processor and a 16:10 aspect ratio monitor to provide users with comfortable performance.

The model we are introducing this time is the Ultralight, the lightest in the series. The lightest model in the Latitude series is Ultralight.

The weight of the main unit is approximately 1kg, making it ideal for carrying around.

Dell’s corporate model offers 24/7 telephone support, so if you are an individual user and would like to receive solid support, you may choose the corporate model.

Long run battery at 1kg

Latitude 7340 has two battery sizes to choose from.

The 38Whr battery tested on the verification machine has a capacity similar to that of a typical mobile notebook PC.

I was able to continue playing HD quality videos stored inside my PC for over 9 hours and 30 minutes. Although it is expected that the operation time will be shorter than this when working under internet communication, the continuous operation time is relatively long.

If you place a customized order when purchasing the product, you can select 57Whr.

The weight of the PC will increase accordingly, but the continuous operation time will also increase.

In a similar test, it performed slightly worse than the 13.5-inch HP Dragonfly G4. Since there is a difference in battery capacity, installing a higher battery will solve the problem.

Easy-to-use keyboard with clicky feel

If you select the Japanese keyboard for the Latitude series, it will become a JIS layout keyboard consisting of 83 keys.

Although the keycaps feel a little small, this is a reliable keyboard that allows you to type firmly.

The touchpad is also equipped with a high-precision glass touchpad, so you can do a lot of work with just this one device.

Price and how to choose

Since this is a business PC, please choose a PC that suits you.

You can choose LTE or 5G module

I think the battery and storage are reasonably priced for customization.


The main body material is magnesium alloy.

The color is blue-gray. Recommended for those looking for a PC with a clean and calm impression.

The size is approximately 299mm wide x 212mm deep. It’s about the same size as an A4 notebook, making it easy to put in your bag.

The actual weight is approximately 1.0kg.

A 60W type AC adapter is included. The weight is about 258g. You can also charge it with a 65W USB-C charger if you have one.


The monitor size is 13.3 inches.

It has a 16:10 aspect ratio, so it’s large enough to be easily viewed without the need for a dedicated monitor.

color gamut

The color gamut of the monitor had sRGB coverage of 99.1%.

The monitor is bright and has a wide color reproduction, making it suitable for use in content creation.



  • HDMI
  • USB-C(Thundrbolt 4)
  • USB-C(Thundrbolt 4)

right side

  • audio jack
  • USB-A
  • security lock

I think this is a necessary interface for a mobile notebook PC for business use.

If you have a hub that supports USB-C, I think it will be more expandable and easier to use.


Cinebench R23

Cinebench R23 is benchmark software that measures CPU performance. The higher the score, the higher the performance.

Multi-core performance is 6692ptss, single core is 1480pts.

Performance is normal for Intel’s 13th generation Core i5 series.

Rather than improving performance, these settings focus on reducing fan noise and increasing battery life.

PCMark 10

PCMARK 10 is a benchmark test that runs Microsoft Office compatible software, video conferencing software, image editing software, video cutting, etc. using badge files and scores how comfortable they are.

The essentials are launching apps and browsing the web, the middle is Word and Excel, and the right is the score that shows the ease of creating content.

The overall score is over 4000 points, which is a fair result.

I don’t think there will be any problems browsing the web or using Microsoft Office. I think it’s at a level where you can comfortably edit images.

PC temperature and fan noise

I checked the CPU temperature and operating frequency with Cinebench R23’s 10minute test.

The CPU temperature is controlled so that it operates stably at around 60℃ when it rises under high load.

Performance is low, but the settings are designed to not put stress on the hardware.

surface temperature

The surface temperature of the PC was 32.3℃ during the benchmark test.

Since the temperature of the CPU does not rise that much, the temperature of the keyboard side also does not rise.

Loudness of fan rotation noise

It was about 41db. There are times when the sound becomes a little quieter, and this changes depending on the CPU load.

Summary 1kg PC that supports flexible customization

The advantage of Latitude is that even if you increase the capacity of the battery, it does not become very expensive.

If you try to focus on light weight and battery with other companies’ PCs, it may become very expensive, so this is recommended for people who want a cheap, high-quality notebook PC.

The disadvantages are below

  • Keycaps are a little small
  • Colors that make fingerprints and sebum more noticeable

This is a point of concern.

The article is in Japanese

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