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Super wide 57cm big dipper drop bar from Tumbleweed Bikes | I can’t stop riding a road bike



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Tumbleweed Bicycle Company is a bicycle company founded by Daniel Molloy, a longtime bicycle mechanic who loves exploring remote, unpaved places on his bike.

Tumbleweed Bicycle offers best-in-class bikes and parts optimized for bikepacking and bike touring.

This time, they are announcing the Big Dipper drop bar handle with a width of 57cm.

big dipper drop bar

Daniel Molloy, founder of Tumbleweed Bicycle, believes that wider handlebars are better.

A wide drop bar allows you to move your hands more frequently to different parts of the wide bar.

Frequently changing the position of your hands can also help reduce pain and discomfort during long rides.

Plus, the wider bars give you more stability and control on descents and more power on technical climbs.

This bar has been tested and evaluated for off-road use, making it suitable for the toughest jobs.

Of course for bikepackers, there’s also space to stow a handlebar bag between the drops.

Image credit: tumbleweed

The Big Dipper Drop Bar is an award-winningDesigned as a companion bar to the Stargazer, it was completed after several years of development and many prototypes.

The Big Dipper comes in three types with hood widths of 51cm, 54cm, and 57cm, and features a short reach and shallow drop. If you look at the photo, you can see how wide the handle is.

Big Dipper drop bar spec

  • Material: Triple butted, heat treated 7000 series aluminum alloy, ISO 4210 mountain bike tested
  • Width: 51cm, 54cm, 57cm Hood part CC
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Backsweep: 5 degrees
  • Flare: 20 degrees
  • Drop: 109mm
  • Reach: 50mm (overall reach from center of clamp area to center of tube at forward sweep front)
  • Average weight: 385g
  • Price: 17,500 yen

Big Dipper Drop Bar

We are excited to introduce the Big Dipper, our new drop bar developed specifically for the Stargazer. The Big Dipper is wider than average, ergonomic in all of…


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