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70% off on 2 works in the “Rockman X Anniversary Collection” series! If you buy both, you will get 8 works![Dengeki Impulse GUY]- Dengeki Online


I’m GO, aka Dengeki Impulse GUY, a man who loves limited-time sales.

“1” and “2” of the Switch version of “Rockman

Similarly, the PS4 version will be priced at 974 yen, which is 71% off, instead of the normal 3,362 yen. This offer is valid until 23:59 on November 27th.

“Rockman X Anniversary Collection”

“Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2”

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What is the appeal of “Rockman X Anniversary Collection” on sale?

Complete collection of past series works!

“Rockman X Anniversary Collection” is a title commemorating the 25th anniversary of the “Rockman X” series, and includes the first four works from “Rockman

In addition, the sequel “Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2” includes the later four works of “Rockman X5” to “Rockman If you have two, you can enjoy all eight of the past works.

In addition, new elements such as the new mode “X Challenge” that challenges past bosses are also included, so you can enjoy not only nostalgic but also new battles that you have never experienced before!

I’m happy with the content-rich museum mode.

It’s fun to play past works, but this game also allows you to enjoy various museums, such as a “Gallery” mode with a large number of valuable illustrations, and a “Music Player” where you can freely listen to BGM. This is the charm of

In any case, it is highly valuable as a document, and you can completely look back on the history of “Rockman X” just by looking at it. It’s a must-see for fans, so you’ll want to keep it on hand just for this reason.

However, please note that “Rockman If you’re aiming for a museum, you might be fine with just one of them.

Enjoy new challenges!

The main feature of this work is the “Challenge” mode where you fight bosses from each series. You can enjoy battles with bosses that have teamed up across the series.

By the way, “1” and “2” have the same content except for a few things.

This work is fun with such additional elements. It might be a good idea to take this opportunity to look back at the “Rockman

What is “Rockman X Anniversary Collection”? (From the product explanation page)

The culmination of the 25th anniversary of the Rockman X series. A must-have collection for fans!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Rockman and the 25th anniversary of Rockman X, eight works from the classic action game “Rockman

This collection 1 includes ported versions of Rockman X to X4 from the early stages of the series. (A separate product “Collection 2” includes X5 to X8)

In addition to each main game, there is also a full-volume “Museum”, a completely new additional mode “X Challenge”, and a replay element “Hunter Medal”, so even players who have played the game before can enjoy it anew. The contents are as follows.

Beginners need not worry. You can play with confidence in the “Kakedashi Hunter Mode”, which simplifies the game.

Enjoy 25 years of Rockman X history! Keep shooting, your X Buster!

◆“Museum” with rich content

“Gallery” contains hundreds of illustrations
“Music Player” allows you to watch a huge number of BGMs
“Goods Catalog” Introduction of various related products
“THE DAY of Σ” Original anime work
“PV Theater” Contains nostalgic promotional videos

*The contents are the same as “Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2” except for some parts.

◆Threatening double boss battle “X Challenge”

The bosses of each series, who have teamed up beyond the framework of the title, are approaching!

Choose your weapon and take on an unprecedented battle!

*The content is the same as “Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2” except for 9 stages.

◆Equipped with graphic filter

In addition to allowing you to enjoy the original pixel art of the time, the graphics are also equipped with nostalgic cathode ray tube monitor style filters and filters that allow you to enjoy smooth display even on the latest large monitors.

◆Additional illustrations and new BGM are also included.

Includes many original illustrations and newly created BGM exclusive to this work.
Enjoy the new Rockman X world!

“Rockman X Anniversary Collection”

“Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2”

GO: A fossil lighter that has survived from the PS era. Even in games from a long time ago, what you know is probably the memory of your previous life.

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